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Willie Taggart to FSU: Good Fit, Bad for College Football

How can someone both alternately love and hate a College Football Coaching hire at the same time?

It's easy when it sends a clear signal that The College Football Coaching system is fucked up.....

Willie Taggart has accepted the Florida State Football Coaching job and more than likely--Taggert--a very good coach, will have some success.

But at what price? Taggart leaves Oregon after ONE season. One season. The Ducks who are in the midst of a rebuild were 7-5 in 2017, not bad but what players who bought into system thought was the beginning of a great run.

Maybe the Ducks will find a new coach who will continue the rebuild. But what about the kids who committed to play for the guy?? Well, they're stuck. If they have a signed letter of intent. They're going to Eugene. To play for not the guy who sold them on the program. They'll play for some other guy. The NCAA does not allow them any other choice. Transfer and lose a year of eligibility before ever playing a game.

Meanwhile coaches contracts nor their commitments are worth the paper they are written on. They are the ultimate nomads in a system that is totally and completely broken and quickly heading towards imploding upon itself.

Yeah, sure, FSU will pay Taggart's modest buyout and will lavish him with a very nice $3 or $4 million a year to come to Tallahassee. And I'm willing to bet Taggart will be successful, a good hire. But that isn't the point.

The point is the system is flat broke and 2017 exemplified it. FSU was part of the issue when former Coach Jimbo Fisher stiffed them and was given a 10-year, $75 million guaranteed contract to be the Coach at wistfully thinking Texas A&M. Even after Fisher is fired for not beating Alabama or Auburn for the SEC West title and/or the SEC title itself, he's getting paid.

And that's the fucked up part of this.

I won't get into the Tennessee dumpster fire which is another true sign of the Apocalypse--for a totally different reason, we will stick to the subject at hand.

I'll say it again--I do not begrudge Taggart or the Seminoles for this move. But it magnifies an already huge problem. There is absolutely ZERO loyalty by schools or coaches. And the guys who get screwed in this awkward dance are the kids who line up on the field on Saturday's. They have no voice, no say so in what happens.

Meanwhile the Alumni, Boosters, Fans and Board of Regents allow millions upon millions of dollars to be thrown at what they hope....pray is the next big thing.

And when that coach isn't their savior, they just get rid of him and throw even more money at the next guy. Which is the whole reason I say the system is fucked.....

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