Herm Edwards Coaching Arizona State Will Certainly be Different

I'm guessing soon-to-be former ESPN Analyst and now Arizona State Football Head Coach Herm Edwards always talks in stilted words with a heavy emphasis on the ends of sentences.

Edwards was announced Sunday and introduced Monday as the new head coach for Sun Devil Football team. And Herm spoke to assembled masses as only he could.

It got a little weird....at one point Edwards was completely baffled by a question from a reporter from the "Devils Digest"..with the takeaway being he (Herm) was unaware of his new found teams mascot....oops....

In case you--like many of us--are questioning this hire. We give you an explainer by Arizona State by way of Athletic Director Ray Anderson (one time Edwards agent). It appears while Herm will be the "Head" Coach, his job is supposedly going to be like that of a "CEO"....

Whatever that means....

The Sun Devils trumpeted the hire with a rather lengthy and word heavy press release which tried explaining what they call a "New Leadership Model".....

Here's a small excerpt:

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Arizona State University and Vice President of University Athletics Ray Anderson has unveiled plans for a restructured ASU football model and named former NFL head coach Herman Edwards as the 24th head coach of Sun Devil Football, pending approval by the Arizona Board of Regents. The department's New Leadership Model will be similar to an NFL approach using a general manager structure. It's a collaborative approach to managing the ASU football program that includes sport and administrative divisions, which will operate as distinct, but collective units focused on elevating all aspects of Sun Devil Football. This structure will allow the department to form a multi-layered method to the talent evaluation and recruiting processes, increase its emphasis on both student-athlete and coach development and retention, and provide a boost in resource allocation and generation. "Our goal for this football program is to reach unprecedented heights, and therefore we need to find a way to operate more innovatively and efficiently than we have in the past," Anderson said. "In the spirit of innovation, our vision for this program is to have a head coach who serves as a CEO and is the central leader with a collaborative staff around him that will elevate the performance of players and coaches on the field, in the classroom and in our community. Equally important, the head coach will be a dynamic and tireless recruiter."

In short here--yeah, I guess Arizona State and Ray Anderson have nothing to lose here. While not a program barely existing like say Kansas or UTEP, the Sun Devils haven't been awful.

But the haven't been very good either. They have and have always been a solid, middle of the pack team in the Pac 12. And while sure, Herm is a great "Motivational" speaker....at the end of the day someone needs to be an on the field decision maker.

There's a HUGE question here if he's even interested in being that guy. It sure sounds like---based on the press release...that he's willing to oversee which...at the end of the day sounds like a General Manager, not a head coach.

But I guess I could be wrong....

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