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Tiger Woods: One Good Round Does Not Mean "He's Back"---Yet

Optimism is a wonderful thing. And Sports Nostalgia is even more wonderful. With that being said, I think we all might want to cool off with the thought Tiger Woods is back and better than ever.

Breathless Sports Talk Show hosts and Writers are already piling on platitudes after Woods shot a 1st round 69 (2-under par) in his official return to competitive golf at the "Hero World Championship".

Yes, like the rest of you who were once golf fans---it would be great for the game to see it's most dynamic and popular star from the last decade return to his former self.

But there's a long, long way to go before any of you should be saying it has happened.

Woods has been a part-time at best player for most of the past 5-years or so due to a variety of injuries to his knees and other body parts. Those injuries took a toll on his swing---making him highly erratic and very inconsistent as he struggled to find better ways to strike a golf ball.

Most of those ways didn't work.

But for one brief moment on Thursday---Woods showed flashes of what he once was--and Sports Twitter--excitable and overly crazed as it always is---went nuts.

First some highlights:

And again because Twitter as insane and off the hook crazy as it often is---seems to be the primary source of News to News Outlets....

Just remember folks---this has happened before. Yeah, sure, the layoff was a little longer this time and Woods is not a young'in anymore (over 40). Maybe he can recapture some of the glory of his youth and recapture his mojo....

But let's wait a little while before we say he's actually done it.....

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