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Herm Edwards might be the Football Coach at Arizona State? Why??

Huh? Is this true? Arizona State wants long-time ESPN NFL Analyst Herm Edwards to be their next head football coach?


What is the fascination with long-time ESPN Football Analysts?? First came Tennessee's obsession with Jon Gruden to the point they stalked him and he had to tell them NO, I don't want to be your coach. Now this?? Yeah, sure, we get the 4-Letter Network is laying off people left and right--losing viewers and hemorrhaging money after buying College Football (they own rights to almost entire FBS). And if you work there, your job is likely not nearly as secure as it once was.

But Herm hasn't been a Head Coach since 2008. He NEVER was a College Head Coach and his last experience in College---he was a defensive back coach at San Jose State from 1987-89.

Which doesn't exactly make him prepared to walk in to a Pac 12 team with aspirations of greatness after firing Coach Todd Graham this weekend on the heels of a 7-5 season.

Edwards does however have a tie to the job. The Sun Devils Athletic Director Ray Anderson---was a former NFL executive and is a friend. Which appears to be enough to at the very least get your foot in the door.

All that being said---Herm is known for his fiery speeches, an art honed under the studio lights in Bristol.


In a College Football world where the job of coach is akin to being a CEO, master strategist and manager of people we have doubts Edwards is up to the task. Anderson has been quoted as saying wants a coach with experience---something Herm quite honestly doesn't have.

Yes, there are other serious candidates out there. Rumors have tied former Texas A&M Coach Kevin Sumlin, Vanderbilt Coach Derrick Mason and Michigan Assistant Richard "Pep" Hamilton are all known quantities linked to the job and all more qualified than Edwards.

Having met and talked with Anderson multiple times during his run as an Atlanta Falcons executive we know full well he's a smart guy. And someone who won't walk into something blindly. But we question his loyalty here. Having someone take over your program because he's good at getting people fired up only solves a small portion of your problem. If that coach doesn't know X's and O's and how to put people in the right positions to succeed--you've done nothing but put your football program even deeper in debt than it already is.....

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