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Mike Gundy Runs Away from Tennessee Dumpster Fire to the Surprise of Nobody

(He's a man, he's over 50 and staying at Oklahoma State)

So much for The Tennessee Volunteers making a "Splash" hire to compensate for the past weekends Greg Schiano fiasco.

Word leaked out Monday and early Tuesday the Vols decided they'd try pursuing Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy. Armed with a willingness to offer a boatload of money to save face--Athletic Director John Currie travelled to Dallas, Texas Tuesday afternoon hoping to pry away the long-time Cowboy Coach and bring him east to Knoxville.

As you can see in the Tweet above--it didn't work....

15-plus years of mediocrity and a psychotic and utterly delusional fanbase is going to keep anyone worth their salt away now.

Are there options for the Vowels? Yeah, sure there are. There are plenty of top flight assistant coaches looking to make a name for themselves. David Cutcliffe already turned them down and we suspect other head coaches will do the same.

But you heard it here (not first though I think someone else already mentioned this)--if I were a betting man, I'm going to tell you who the next Head Coach is going to be.

Look for The Vowels to reach out and bring home current USC Offensive Coordinator and the guy who led them to their National Championship in 1997, Tee Martin. Tee is a great guy a successful offensive coordinator and an excellent recruiter. If you take an honest assessment of where Tennessee is and where they think they want to be, Tee is your guy.

Trust me when I say they need to go this route---because realistically they don't really have any other choice.

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