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Jimbo Fisher to Texas A&M Rumors are Everything Wrong With College Coaches

We near the halfway point of the College Football Coaching Carousel and the Rumor Mill is working at full speed.

The latest "High Profile" debate--Is Jimbo Fisher about to leave Florida State to go to Texas A&M??

The circumstances around this are showing evidence it...could....happen. And maybe it will. If it does, there will be no clearer example of the greed and obscene amounts of money being thrown at coaches in College Football.

I'll skip past the horrific embarrassing weekend at the University of Tennessee and explain how awful (despite Brother Jon's hatred of Jimbo) this would be.

And I'll preface the entire conversation by stating--I think Jimbo's agent Jimmy Sexton is manipulating this entire situation to get the facilities Jimbo wants in Tallahassee. It's Sexton's standard operating procedure.

We know full well Coaching Contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on. Coaches come and go from Universities as they please--buyouts be damned.

But here's where we are at with the Texas A&M situation--mind you it appears the alumni and donors in College Station appear to be printing money. The Aggies fired Kevin Sumlin late Sunday afternoon in a move slightly overshadowed by the Cluster-fuck at Tennessee. That Sumlin was asked to leave was not a surprise--he was given an unreachable goal to meet this season by his boss made worse by a season of injuries and young players being forced to play when they weren't always ready.

However---according to multiple reports---A&M will have to pay Sumlin $20 million if he doesn't land a job in the next 60 days. Not a spread out over time $20 a $20 million lump sum payment.

In theory that clears the deck for Fisher to come.

But why? Why would Fisher--just a couple years removed from a National Title and a perennial threat to win the ACC and grab a College Football playoff berth---suddenly bolt for Texas A&M---a good, but not great program with aspirations of glory but stuck behind Alabama and Auburn in the SEC West?? Yes, I know the Seminoles have been awful in 2017 after being ravaged by injuries, but a bounce back for them is coming.

From the Aggies perspective---it's simple. They feel Fisher can get them over the hump. But what if he doesn't? What if he triumphantly walked into College Station and proceeds to go 7-5 and 8-4. Are the natives calling for his head?

And that folks is the issue. That's why we've railed about the lunacy known as SEC Football. There's no legitimate reason for Fisher to move to Texas. It's a total and complete lateral move and arguably a step down. Sure, the Aggies don't look at it that way--but the rest of America does.

Jimbo Fisher leaving for Texas would pure and simple be a money grab. And that's the problem.

Everyone in the SEC thinks they are hiring the guy to bring them to the promised land and beat the Saban. Which is an admirable thought. The issue is if they don't--and thus far--outside Gus Malzhan and Auburn nobody has beaten the guy--you churn through coaches every couple of years.

I know full well, Agents representing Coaches are part of the problem. But it is beyond my comprehension where the schools seem to get all this money.

I don't think at the end of the day Jimbo Fisher will leave a very good job for a decent job and roughly the same pay. But I could be wrong.

It's just hard for me to comprehend how coaches can randomly come and go from schools willing to pay them millions of dollars. Those same schools complain---all the time they don't have money (yes, I know many fund it through "Athletic Foundations"). It's a bad look.

The players can't leave. They come to a school because they are recruited by a coach they like. And a year later--that guy leaves. But the player is stuck. He can't have someone buy out his scholarship and even if he transfers--he loses a season.

That's the issue. The whole thing has set up an apocalyptic system where coaches get rich, schools get poor and players get screwed. And nobody outside a few writers and people from outside their circle seem to care.

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