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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Can Turkey's Really Fly??

That's right everybody---it's the Thanksgiving--Turkey Day tradition known far and wide as "The Dirty Dozen and The Bottom of the Barrel"....

It's all about College Football y'all.....

The season has had some curveball's this year and perhaps the one defining characteristic---no real "Dominant" team. Which should make the next couple of weeks fun.

Raise your hand by the way if you thought the Miami Hurricanes would be undefeated at this point of the year.... a public service---I provide you with the annual Thanksgiving Day/Week Public Service Announcement...

Truly the funniest Thanksgiving segment in the history of Television---bar none.

But I digress. We've got football to talk about. In fact---I need to...if you don't mind---brag upon my own self for a minute. Last week as always we picked games. And last week was a good one, 14-1 (yes, I picked against my alma mater--which was my only miss last week). Overall the record stands at 116-26 picking straight up. I challenge you...or anyone else to do better.....


1) Alabama 11-0: Long live the King--right? The Tide haven't been crazy good, but nobody has beaten them. And that matters. A lot.

This Week: at Auburn; Our Pick: Alabama 28, Auburn 27 (Instant Classic)

2) Miami 10-0: A true--Cinderella story, the Canes have done what is necessary to compete for a title. It hasn't always been pretty, but then win. And that matters. A lot. This Week: at Pitt; Our Pick: Miami 37, Pitt 21

3) Oklahoma 10-1: The Sooners are going to live or die on defense. They'll score. That won't ever be an issue. The past 2 weeks, the defense has stepped up. And that makes them scary. This Week: vs. West Virginia; Our Pick: Oklahoma 43, W.Virginia 21

4) Wisconsin 11-0: Yes, I jumped the Badgers to #4. As much as I ridiculed them earlier this year, they've earned mine...and everyone else's respect. If the offense does anything--they can compete with anyone on this list. This Week: at Minnesota; Our Pick: Wisconsin 27, Minnesota 17

5) Clemson 10-1: I worry about the Tigers. They have been good but not always great. The loss to Syracuse is really hard to explain. Yet they are loaded with talent. The real test will come in the ACC Title Game. This Week: at South Carolina; Our Pick: S.Carolina 27, Clemson 23 UPSET !!!!!

6) Georgia 10-1: With a little thought and better preparation the Bulldogs can be unstoppable. Not a perfect team but a very good sum of some decent parts. They have a punchers chance in the SEC title game. This Week: at Georgia Tech; Our Pick: UGA 41, Tech 31

7) Auburn 9-2: The Tigers played a complete game vs. Georgia, decently against everyone else. Well, except Miss State and LSU. Kerryon Johnson needs to have a YUGE game this week. This Week: See #1

8) Ohio State 9-2: The Buckeye's should be better than this. But arguably they are the most schizophrenic team on the board. If the good version shows up they can beat anyone in the Top 10. If the bad version does--they're bottom of the Barrel material. This Week: at Michigan; Our Pick: Ohio St. 23, Michigan 17

9) Notre Dame 9-2: The defense has faded the past couple weeks and thusly the Irish have dropped off a bit. Still don't know how the Miami blowout loss happened. Makes little sense. But it did. Still--a Pick 6 berth awaits if they win this week. This Week: at Stanford; Our Pick: Stanford 31, Notre Dame 30 UPSET !!!!

10) UCF 10-0: Yup, the Knights continue to win and win big. They've scored at least 31 points in every single game this season. The defense is just good enough and so far Coach Scott Frost has deflected Coaching Carousel talk. Good for him. This Week: vs. South Florida; Our Pick: UCF 43, South Florida 41

11) TCU 9-2: Nice win by the Horned Frogs last week with a back up QB who had not logged much playing time. The defense really stepped it up. Impressive 24-3 win over Texas Tech. Still can be a CFP spoiler though. This Week: vs. Baylor; Our Pick: TCU 37, Baylor 23

12) Stanford 8-3: Yup. The Cardinal. I know they've lost 3 times. But they have Bryce Love and as long as he's healthy, they are dangerous. Sure, they may back in to the Pac 12 title game, but does it matter at this point?? This Week: See #9


Special congratulations to My Georgia Southern Eagles. A winless season is no more after we took out our frustrations on South Alabama last week, beating the Jaguars 52-0. That is enough to get you off the island.

Thank god....

5) Tennessee 4-7: After this past week, there is no bigger curse than the one currently haunting the Vols. And to be honest, they deserve this post for their undying devotion to stalking the totally uninterested Jon Gruden (#Grumors) to be their next coach. Oh, did we mention they're 0 for the SEC this season?? This Week: vs. Vanderbilt; Our Pick: Vanderbilt 31 Grudens, Tennessee 17

4) Rice 1-10: Oh, Rice, you multi purpose side dish are one of the reasons this part of our poll exists and you rarely disappoint. This Week: vs. North Texas; Our Pick: N.Texas 41, Rice 10

3) Kansas 1-10: Well, congrats Jayhawk fans, you got attention this past week. For all the wrong reasons. You decided to adopt "Attitude" vs. Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma. It didn't work so well--did it? The Sooners took it easy on you too only scoring 41 and allowing you a field goal. This Week: at Oklahoma State; Our Pick: Okie State 53, Kansas 10

2) San Jose St. 1-11: We still don't know why the world subjected the Spartans to 13 games. When you are this bad, less is more. Yet, they play 13. And no, the extra game is clearly NOT a title game. Unless it were a "Toilet Bowl" battle with UTEP. This Week: vs. Wyoming; Our Pick: Wyoming 51, San Jose St 13

1) UTEP 0-11: We're guessing the West Texas town of El Paso can't wait for their misery to end. Quickly. And Quietly. Much like this weeks column. This Week at UAB; Our Pick: UAB 38, UTEP 11

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