LaVar Ball vs. The President is the End of Western Civilization as we know it

((Screengrab/Twitter: @cnntonight))

Sigh...for all the bluster and wind being blown and strange things on Twitter--this may finally be what has pushed all of us to the end of our ropes.

Somehow---we now have a feud between the President and possibly the only person who is a bigger blowhard than he is---LaVar Ball.

It, I suppose was inevitable. The convergence of the two people best at grabbing attention to themselves for the most ridiculous things via Social Media. And in this day and age---it appears whomever says the most ludicrous thing on Social Media will be the one who grabs all the Cable News Headlines.

It started with Ball's youngest son LiAngelo. LiAngelo was one of 3 UCLA Basketball players who for reasons we may never know--decided to go on a Shoplifting Spree....while in China for a basketball game vs. Georgia Tech.

The three athletes were briefly detained in a jail before they were allowed to go to their team hotel under house arrest until appearing in front of a judge. The crimes were punishable by up to 10-years in a Chinese Prison something the Ball family, UCLA and well, most of America would not have been happy about.

That's when the President was asked to step in.

We may never actually know what was said between him and the Chinese Premier...but the 3 basketball players--shortly after a discussion, were allowed to return home with their teammates.

Then this happened:

Which is not out of character---and why it isn't the crux of this issue....

LiAngelo and the other UCLA athletes were apologetic and contrite and took the time to thank the President for his help....

But then Cable News got involved.....

And it got worse---much, much worse. LiAngelo's father responded by telling a reporter when asked about the president's help---"Who?" "Everyone wants to make it seem like he helped me out"....


Again---this COULD have been the end.

It wasn't.

Despite all the other things going on in the World we all occupy---Cable News just couldn't leave this alone. Between all the Sexual Misbehavior issues flying around and the snarky comments about North Korea and just general political bullshit....CNN decided they needed to talk to LaVar Ball.

And like we all expected---it didn't end well.....

This whole issue will never make sense to me. Ever. I don't know why the basketball players thought they could get away with shoplifting. I don't know why the President felt compelled to immediately and publicly seek out a thank you for doing his job. And I don't know why anyone would go to LaVar Ball to ask him about anything.

Yet they still do....

We still have not achieved the dystopian world that Mike Judge built in the movie Idiocracy---but each day and each event that passes moves us closer to that world than ever before....

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