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Tennessee's Football Team and Crazed Football Fans Are Now Officially a Punch Line

((Screengrab/@brandondarnell-Twitter--and it's not who he thought it was))

Saturday may have encapsulated the University of Tennessee and fortified the view of 100% of the rest of the country that their football fans are a joke.

We're going to try and explain just how pathetic the football team--which was drubbed by LSU and their fans truly are.

It started early. With the fanbase's creation and delusional worship of everything Jon Gruden. Aside from their #Grumors thing on Twitter---the idiots who worship Volunteer football took their stalking of ESPN's NFL analyst to truly a new level on Saturday.

It started with the image above which surfaced on Twitter alleging their hero was sitting at a table with Peyton Manning enjoying a meal at Calhoun's restaurant.

Which was great except for one REALLY big problem---and one Mr. Darnell...and everyone else neglected to check.

Their hero was some 2,000-plus miles away at the exact same time Seattle.

What made it worse---the restaurant (Calhoun's) blasted out the original tweet igniting the Knoxville Internet frenzy. They were forced to apologize.....

There was this homage to now "Former" Coach Butch Davis clearly visible to pretty much everyone attending the game vs. LSU

By the time the sun went down the Weather started getting rough and the tiny ship was tossed. Um, okay, Neyland Stadium is neither tiny, nor a ship but an intense and windy thunderstorm started rolling in just before kickoff.

It started with the goal posts. They were severely bent by the high winds....

With all that happening---before the game---the game itself was almost an afterthought. The Vols put up a mild fight in the first half, trailing only 17-10. But they again could not do much of anything to be competitive, falling yet again to another SEC team (LSU) 30-10.

I'd love to say Tennessee's fans learned a lesson today. But I'd be wrong. They...for reasons we still don't understand--seem to cling to some pipe dream/fantasy that Jon Gruden is going to walk into Knoxville and save them from a decade plus of mediocrity.

He's not.

If you read this blog--it's been explained several times as to why there's no actual reality based reason he'd suddenly after 10+ years away from coaching---all in the NFL, Gruden would suddenly give up his highly lucrative gig with ESPN to come run the Tennessee football program.

Never mind the challenges of rebuilding the credibility of this now thoroughly embarrassing program--Gruden, just like any other coach in the SEC would be subject to the same pressures every other coach faces in the conference.

In the SEC, if you don't win 10 games by year 2 and aren't challenging Alabama for the SEC title by year 3, they call for your head. The rumors start flying that boosters and alumni want you gone and are dreaming about their next coach.

I know Tennessee fans will not pay any attention to any of this because they don't have the sensibility or reasoning ability to understand how stupid and laughable they've become.

Which is really a shame because at one point in time, The University of Tennessee really was a top notch point of pride for a lot of people....

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