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Delusional? Why do SEC Schools Think Everyone Wants to Coach There?

((No, this guy isn't going to Coach at Tennessee))

For those of you who follow College Football---we are already beginning the "College Coaching Carousel". Butch Jones---fired, rumors of multiple SEC schools about to fire their coaches. Mike Riley preparing to lose the job at Nebraska. All kinds of firings.

All because boosters, alums and fans think their beloved university can do better.

But can they?? Yeah, sure--on occasion a coaching change makes a huge difference in a program. The best example recently---Georgia who fired Mark Richt 2 seasons ago not because he wasn't successful--but because they felt the program had peaked and Richt was burnt out.

The Bulldogs weren't totally wrong. They moved on and hired Alabama assistant and UGA alum Kirby Smart and their future is bright. Very, very bright.

A rejuvenated Richt ended up at his alma mater Miami and is doing great things there too.

But most hires don't pan out that way.

As I sit here and type this the idiotic morons who support the University of Tennessee continue their quest to hire ESPN NFL Analyst Jon Gruden. This despite Gruden REPEATEDLY saying he has no interest.

And that's the problem. The fan base has convinced themselves Gruden is the only person who can save them......he can't.

The latest crazy rumor---which MIGHT have some merit. Reports beginning to circulate the University of Arkansas wants CURRENT Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzhan...who's from Arkansas, to come to Fayetteville. (Note--Bret Bielema is currently the coach--he's not been fired--yet)

Add in Texas A&M's not so subtle rumors they want FSU's Jimbo Fisher who's having a rough year in Tallahassee and you have to ask---WTF??

Never mind the "Wants"....we should remind all these delusional fans---both Malzahn and Fisher have buyouts in their contracts. And they ain't cheap. Money---contrary to what you might think....does not grow on trees. Fisher's buyout is rumored to be well over $40-million (and $7-million if he leaves on his own) and we're betting Malzahn's is easily at least 7 figures too.

But the SEC Faithful have convinced themselves everyone wants to be an SEC Coach. Which ridiculous....

Why would a coach give up a great job to move to a struggling SEC school? If that coach doesn't produce a team that wins 10 games in year 2, those same alumni/boosters are calling for that person's head. It happens like this every year in the SEC.

Every year.

So Tennessee fans---STOP with the #GRUMORS....there is NO universe where that is happening. Texas A&M....if you think Jimbo Fisher will solve your're about to find out what it is like to be used for someone else's benefit. And Arkansas. If you think Auburn lets Gus go now....well---good luck. All of you feel your entitled to a "Big Name" coach. You aren' may someday be. But at this current time, you are stuck like everyone else trying to find that Diamond in the Rough.

Deal with it...

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