Hawks beat Kings by 46 Points Making the NBA Look Absolutely Stupid


Attention NBA---you have a serious problem. And if you don't address it soon it's going to make you look really bad---if it hasn't already.

Last night was the perfect example of why the NBA is basically a league of 6 teams--and then a bunch of others playing for paychecks.

The anemic Atlanta Hawks won their 1st home game of the 2017 season last night beating the Sacramento Kings 126-80 Wednesday night and it wasn't the 46 point blow out that got our attention.

It was the fact that going into the game---the two teams had combined for 5 wins and 22 losses and an apparent competition to see who could claim the title of the NBA's "Worst Team".

The reason for this battle: Draft positioning. Neither the Hawks or the Kings appear to be trying to compete for their division title or a playoff berth. They're competing for draft position. And as bad as the Hawks are---the Kings appeared to not even care enough to show up.

Zach Randolph and George Hill--who are trying to figure out whom they pissed off and why they are on this team, led the Kings with 16 and 12 points respectively, while the Hawks had 8 players score in double figures including journeyman Center Dwayne Dedmon who had the game of his life going 9/10 from the field and scoring 20 points.

If you're a professional athlete---I guess maybe a paycheck is a paycheck, but this must be the most miserable thing you'll ever do in your career. How can you get excited about waking up in another city knowing no matter what you do in a game--your team is likely going to lose.

The NBA doesn't seem to care. As long as Steph Curry and Warriors along with LeBron and the Cavaliers continue winning and drawing TV ratings---the NBA seems to be good with this.

Imagine being a fan in living in one of these cities. Why would you fork over your hard earned money knowing your team is not going to win before the game is ever played?? In Atlanta---the attendance is already suffering. Atlanta is a town where if you ain't winning---nobody is coming, there's a long history of this. But if you win--they will come.

The Hawks have been very good but not great for seemingly the last decade and made the decision this offseason to rebuild. They got rid of/didn't want to pay their best players and signed a bunch of journeymen an backup players knowing they'll likely be awful this season.

And they are.

I get the logic. Get some draft picks and in a couple seasons if you draft well, you'll be great again. But it is a total crapshoot. The 76ers went this route---they were awful for the past 5-plus years and finally are beginning to see the fruits of their futility. But how do you afford this? How do you do it without losing fans or keeping credibility.

The NBA needs to fix their "Tanking" rule and fix it fast. Yeah, sure the marquee teams with marquee players are doing well for you---but if most of your teams suck and the same teams you know will win or compete for a title year after year---why would anyone continue to follow your shitty franchises?

It's a dilemma they better figure out because in the new, current, highly competitive world of event programming---there are other--more exciting options....