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Ex-Viking Fred McNeill Confirmed As Living With CTE

((HT: CNN))

Dr. Bennett Omalu told Dr. Sanjay Gupta something that he had to keep confidential. They had an ex-NFL player that his office might have a diagnosed case of CTE. The key was the player was still living with the disease when Omalu and his office diagnosed him.

it was ex-Minnesota Viking Fred McNeill...

Here's Gupta catching up with McNeill's family a year ago...

Omalu is trying to raise funds to purchase more of a technology developed that may have figured out McNeill's diagnosis. The funds would try to replicate the clinical trial that picked up the Tau protein in McNeill's brain, but Omalu also thinks that it would take another few years after the beginning of his trial to get to the next stages of CTE diagnosis in the living.

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