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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: You'll Get Nothing and Like It


Does anyone actually know who the "Dominant" team is in College Football?? We are what, 12 weeks in and while there are a couple of undefeated teams (Alabama, Miami, Wisconsin, UCF)....we don't really know if any of them are capable of staying that way.

Georgia had their "Showcase" game vs. Auburn and laid an egg. Notre Dame did the same thing vs. Miami. And TCU came crashing back to earth vs. Oklahoma.

All this tells us is---We really do know nothing. And by we---I mean "All of Us"...not just the OSG Sports team.

But alas---as we wind our way towards "Rivalry Week" the field has settled a bit and if one thing remains consistent---the "Top Teams" likely will not all survive unscathed....

Enough about me---let's get to the important stuff....


1) Alabama 10-0: Is there any question now?? Well, maybe. The Tide are dinged up and barely survived at Mississippi State. But is there anyone better at this point? No, we don't think so...and at the end of the day..

This Week: vs. Mercer?? Really?? Our Pick: Alabama 112, Mercer 0

2) Miami 9-0: Anyone got questions? The Canes totally laid the Smack Down on Notre Dame. Absolutely dominant performance against a pretty good team. Defense, Offense...everything came together in what was their biggest test to date. The ACC title game is looming though. This Week: vs. Virginia; Our Pick: Miami 31, Virginia 23

3) Clemson 9-1: The Tigers seem to have recovered from their midseason Brain Fart vs. Syracuse. 3 Straight good wins an easy finish and a date with Miami in the title game are all that stand in their way of the CFP. This Week: vs. Citadel?? Come on man!!! Our Pick: Clemson 45, Citadel 10

4) Wisconsin 10-0: We've slammed the Badgers all year. We apologize. Nice, dominating win vs. a decent Iowa team. Sole survivor here? Statistically this is your best defensive team America--maybe we should be paying attention. This Week: vs. Michigan; Our Pick: Wisconsin 23, Michigan 21

5) Oklahoma 9-1: The Sooners finally stood up and played some defense. Good win vs. TCU. Aside from Baker Mayfield---Rodney Anderson may bear out to be Oklahoma's MVP, his development has made them much, much scarier. As long as the defense shows up. This Week: at Kansas; Our Pick: Oklahoma 57, Kansas 10

6) Auburn 8-2: Okay, the Tigers--who were largely underachieving this season got ours...and everyone else's attention by crushing Ga. Since losing at LSU, they've gotten better each week and Kerryon Johnson has made all the difference in the world. The Iron Bowl will be humungous for them. This Week: vs. La.Monroe; Our Pick: Auburn 43, Louisiana-Monroe 17

7) Georgia 9-1: Reality check. The Dawgs were out-coached and outplayed last week. Their first real "Test" since early in the season--they failed--miserably. But all is not lost. Some adjustments and improvement is needed and the path to the CFP is still there. This Week: vs. Kentucky; Our Pick: UGA 31, Kentucky 23

8) Notre Dame 8-2: No, we didn't think the Irish would be trucked by Miami--but they were. The defense let them down a bit and sloppy turnovers were the difference. A CFP berth is not looking promising but the outlook for them down the road is very, very good. This Week: vs. Navy; Our Pick: Notre Dame 34, Navy 27

9) UCF 9-0: Love the Knights. Major points for staying undefeated this long. Scott Frost will get lots of "Coach of the Year" love and should. Great offense, solid defense equals wins. Look for them to get a Pick 6 berth. This Week: at Temple; Our Pick: UCF 43, Temple 21

10) TCU 8-2: Tough loss for the Horned Frogs vs. Oklahoma. But...keep winning and they'll see the Sooners again in the Big 12 playoff. The Trill--Kenny Hill has not delivered in the clutch and that has hurt. But a good season for his team either way. This Week: at Texas Tech; Our Pick: TCU 47, Texas Tech 31

11) Ohio St. 8-2: The Jekyll and Hyde of College Football. When they are on--the Buckeyes are Top 5 level. When they're not. Yikes! And for that reason---a playoff berth is highly unlikely. But yes, they could play spoiler for Wisconsin. This Week: vs. Illinois; Our Pick: Ohio State 43, Illinois 10

12) Memphis 9-1: A little love for the Tigers, right? Riley Ferguson has been great, 27 TD passes and 7 INT's this season. The offense spectacular but defense, a bit of an issue. No, they aren't the 12th best team in all the land--this is just a little love for a really solid season. This Week: vs. SMU; Our Pick: Memphis 51, SMU 41


The more things change--the more they stay the same. This end of our weekly poll stays pretty much the same. I guess you can say bad is bad and it's really hard to change that, right??

Anyway---here are the 5 living train wrecks you can't look away from....

5) Kansas 1-9: Oy, how are you a major conference school and continually this bad at football?? The Jayhawks have been awful for nearly a generation it seems with little hope or indication of change. Yes, it looks like they'll run the table this season too. This Week: vs. Oklahoma; Our Pick: SEE #5 DIRTY DOZEN

4) Rice 1-9: So we changed things up a bit. The Owls are another "Legacy" school often found on lists like ours. The C-USA rep--we suppose has a chance for changing their misfortune, but don't bet on it. This Week: vs. Old Dominion; Our Pick: ODU 27, Rice 10

3) San Jose State 1-10: Our 1st 10 loss representative, the Spartans are pathetically bad. Last week, they gave up 59 to a very bad Nevada team. Thankfully the adventure is nearly over. This Week: at Colorado State; Our Pick: CSU 59, San Jose St 3

2) Georgia Southern 0-9: have no idea how much this pains me. The Eagles have been marginally more competitive since firing their coach. But not much. It may be the final week before we have a chance to realistically win. This Week: vs. South Alabama; S.Alabama 31, Ga. Southern 21

1) UTEP 0-10: It's almost over. Almost. The nation's worst offense has a season high of 21 points scored in a game. It happened in Week 5, they've not come close to matching that output since. This Week: vs. Louisiana Tech; Our Pick: La.Tech 48, UTEP 10

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