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Tennessee Fans: Butch Jones is Gone and Jon Gruden is NOT Coming to Rescue You

Yes, Tennessee your latest in the line of weak Head Coaches is gone. On the heels of an embarrassing 50-17 loss to Missouri, it appears the Volunteers have decided enough Butch Jones is enough....

Why the heck would you walk into a disaster like the University of Tennessee knowing full well if you don't win 10 games by year 2, they boosters will want you fired. So will Twitter and so will every so-called fair-weather fan out there.

Oh, and while we are at it---Vol fans--you're delusional if you think Chip Kelly is coming either.

Of the two, Kelly is more likely to re-enter the College Coaching ranks but for the same reasons listed above---he ain't coming to the SEC. Look for him to end up at UCLA or Oregon State or some other West Coast job---but he too (Kelly) isn't stupid enough to walk into the SEC Minefield.

Face it SEC fans---your conference is Nick Saban and a whole bunch of wanna be's coaching at institutions with crazed, insane fan bases who don't understand why they can't compete. So they fire the guy they think is responsible. Which may...or may not be the coach....

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