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College Football Polls are Stupid and So Are The Rest of Us


Polls are stupid. The are totally and completely meaningless--a pure popularity contest yet are taken as the "Gold Standard" of information for reasons nobody quite understands.

College Football's entire season revolves around them and are perhaps the LEAST accurate way to determine the truly best team you could possibly use.

This weekend (Nov 11th, 2017) is the perfect example of wrong they are.

#2 (or #1 depending on poll) Georgia goest to #10 Auburn and gets throttled 40-17. #3 Notre Dame gets blown off the field by #8 Miami 41-8. #13 Ohio State flattens #12 Michigan State 48-3. Yes, #1 or (#2 depending on poll) Alabama barely hung on to beat #16 Mississippi State 24-17 but really, what the heck does this mean?? It means nobody really knows WHO the best team is and NO, doing a "POLL" to determine it is ridiculously stupid.

In Sports---polls are mostly popularity contests. They list the teams most people voting know about or get to see on TV. Though sometimes they aren't seen on TV, they are just noted by box score. A small group of people get together in late October and vote on the "College Football Playoff" poll. Which changes every single week.

And every "Sports" website you read has their "Own" poll. Or "Power Rankings". And we---"The Fans" seem to live and die by this. Why???

Who really gives a shit what the "CBS Sports Power Rankings" say?? Or what the mid-October "Bowl Projections" say. What the hell does that even mean??

If you want to do "Bowl Projections" do it in late November. If you want to tell me who YOU think the best team is---do it in late November when we have a pretty good idea who is good and who isn't.

But for reasons I truly do NOT understand---College Football fans freak the fuck out if they aren't a "Ranked Team" in September. Or October. Or November. Same thing when they aren't listed in the Power Rankings.

And you know what is even worse. Newspapers, writers and others treat those polls and Power Rankings as the Gospel. You can go to any newspaper website in any college football town and I guarantee the Sunday afternoon headline will be the AP Rankings. Hell, I get push alerts on my phone here in Atlanta when the AP Poll comes out. And the alert doesn't come from the Associated Press.

The point of this is simple. You need a better way to measure success in College Football. A season like 2017 is only proving there are NO dominant teams. Yeah, sure some years you have a squad that just jumps of the page and totally dominates everyone they play. But more often than not you don't.

College Football and to a lesser extent Basketball are the only sports where home field or home court is a HUGE advantage. If a "Top Ranked" team wanders into the wrong field or court on a night where the fans are crazy----they can be beat. It happens......a lot.

Which is the reason I'm explaining this to you.

Is Auburn 23 points and a gazillion yards better than Georgia---I don't know. Is Miami 33 points better than Notre Dame?? Probably not on a neutral field or in South Bend. Is Ohio State 45 points better than Michigan State?? I have no idea--though not likely had they played in East Lansing.

All I'm asking here is this: Stop believing the ESPN's and CBS Sports and Associated Press...or the Coaches Polls so much. Stop bitching about not being ranked high enough or your opponent being ranked too high. It means NOTHING. Bup-kiss. Nil. Zero. Zilch. It means a writer or a coach or a former coach sat in a room and said "In my opinion this is the 5th best or 12th best team in America.

At the end of the day it needs to be proven on the field. And even then---as all of you know and sometimes are afraid to may not be the best way to find out who really and truly is....Number One.

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