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The College Football Playoff Polls are Stupid...Until The Last One

Can someone please explain the point of having a "College Football Playoff" poll with multiple weeks left in the football season???

Oh, wait---it's TV Ratings. Or is it free publicity....oh, yeah, they are the same thing.

Beginning in late October and running through the end of the College Football season, the playoff poll is almost--though not quite as useless as the "Preseason Polls".

All it does is create false hope amongst the fanbases and gives the folks who own college football---ESPN....something to talk about. It gives them something to start a slow build towards the Playoff---which by the way, they own too.

But what does it all mean? Really---what does it mean if your team is #4 in "The Poll" on October 31st? If you're Clemson, it means you were playing North Carolina State last weekend for a shot at the ACC Coastal lead. And that there are still games with Florida State, a gimme game with The Citadel and a trip to a feisty South Carolina left.

Lose one of those games---the Tigers are out. So why "Rank" them now if they might lose??

If you're Wisconsin, you are #8 this week. Which is swell. Keep winning and a Clemson, TCU, Miami or Oklahoma loss means---you're in...maybe. Unless one of the teams ranked "Behind" you leapfrogs you because they won a game against a more popular opponent. The excuse--and we've already heard it said is your shitty schedule. Don't think for a minute it won't be used against the Badgers.

Say you are Michigan State: Wow! Congratulations, you jumped up 12 whole spots after beating Penn State to be ranked #12. Oh, wait---what's that, you still have to play Ohio Columbus?? Win and you likely win the Big 10 East, but you're still likely are already out of contention for the CFP.

Or you are Texas Christian. Congrats--you jumped to #8 in the polls. And you play #5 Oklahoma this week. Win...and can you leapfrog Clemson?? After this week---there are games against an impotent Baylor team and a reeling Texas Tech.

My point is this. Rankings are idiotic. They mean NOTHING. Yes, I know---it's what College Football does. Yes, I know--nobody will look back at the "Preseason" rankings because well...look at what happened to preseason #3 Florida State.

Or #16 Florida...or #9 Michigan...for that matter---#2 Ohio State. Get where I'm going??

I know--yeah, this is a somewhat cynical rant and fans will say---it's "Important"'s "Tradition". I say it's done totally for the benefit of the people who make the "Polls". Doing a "Poll" doesn't tell you anything until the season ends, it only tells you what a certain controlled environment set of people, some with preconceived notions think. Or what those same people think you want to hear.

Hey...wait, that sounds like what is done on a Cable News political show---doesn't it.......

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