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Aaron Hernandez's CTE Was Stage 3: Worst Case Seen At His Age

((Photo Courtesy: wikipedia))

The doctors at Boston University now say, after the examination of Aaron Hernandez's brain, the CTE levels- Stage 3- were the worst of someone in his age group that they have ever seen.

The damage was more fitting of someone who was twice his age- 46. Hernandez committed suicide in his prison cell at the age of 27 last year.

“In this age group, he’s clearly at the severe end of the spectrum,” “There is a concern that we’re seeing accelerated disease in young athletes. Whether or not that’s because they’re playing more aggressively or if they’re starting at younger ages, we don’t know. But we are seeing ravages of this disease, in this specific example, of a young person.”

NESN's Michaela Vernava caught up with Dr. McKee in 2016 to discuss concerns over concussions and CTE...

The Adam Kilgore piece in the Washington Post also quoted McKee as saying Hernandez also had genetic markers that had him predisposed to certain brain diseases.

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