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Today's Episode Of "Coaches In Trouble..."


Let's start in Louisville where this excerpt of the case brought forth by the FBI... And now that the indictment has been unsealed, we have this from NBC's Tom Winter...

Then, there's the note from ESPN's Mark Schlabach and Paula Lavigne that Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl is not cooperating with his school's own internal investigation- which is not to be confused with the one involving track and field or softball or baseball or test taking.

Pearl's job may "be in jeopardy" if he doesn't cooperate as two players- Austin Wiley and Danjel Purifoy are being held out of basketball activity until further notice. The focus on the basketball side has been Pearl assistant Chuck Person- who has been named as one of ten individuals arrested in the FBI investigation.

It's alleged that Person received $91,500 in bribes from former NBA referee Rashan Michel and others, and that Person allegedly gave $18,500 to the parents of two previously unidentified players (insert circumstantial connection here).

Auburn maintains that Person is no longer employed at the university.'s Lauren Sisler and Tom Green discussed back in September

Here's the Gatto indictment, thanks to YahooSports!

More when we know more... but some folks might end up saving themselves by bringing down A LOT of college basketball programs ans coaches from here on out.

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