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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Stranger Things

Because Saturday is 11/11...welp, whom better to put as the cover photo---right??

We've officially hit the point of this years College Football season where strange things happen. Raise you hand if you seriously thought Iowa would be Ohio State this past week.....


I'm telling you--crazy strange things happen in November when College Football hits the homestretch. The kind of things you just can't imagine actually happening.

The only clear thing at this point: It appears the playing field consists of Alabama and Georgia....then everybody else.

Then again, as I said---it's November and "Stranger Things" have happened.....

This week features a bunch of ranked teams playing each other and conference games that should go a long, long way towards clearing up the playoff picture...right??

But first Predictions....a tough week last week was, I went 10-4. Not bad, but not up to our standards here. However, it also makes us 92-21 overall. Not bad (and no, we don't play the Vegas spread--I'm a shitty gambler. Straight up or nothing baby)

So enough about the legendary DJ Casey Kasem once said; "Let's get on with the Countdown"....


1) Alabama 9-0: Sorry UGA the Nature Boy says himself---

And thus far...nobody has been able to do it. The Tide are a bit beat up after winning a slugfest vs. LSU and the tough part of their schedule is ahead. Could an upset be lurking?? This Week: at Mississippi State; Our Pick: Alabama 23, Miss. St. 13

2) Georgia 9-0: Trust me UGA fans, you don't want to be #1 yet. Seriously, you don't. Yes, the Dawgs are good. Very, very good. But not a perfect team. The pass defense is not perfect and the passing game still is developing. But they have time. This Week: at Auburn; Our Pick: UGA 34, Auburn 31

3) Notre Dame 9-0: It still stuns me that I'm actually supporting these guys. But folks, they can ball. Even with injuries to Brandon Winbush and Josh Adams dinged up early, the dropped 48 on a solid Wake Forest team. This Week: at Miami; Our Pick: Notre Dame 37, Miami 33

4) Miami 7-0: The Canes finally showed out vs. a good Va.Tech team. The game was not ever close for once. Malik Rosier and company will need to put up a lot of points this coming week. Survive and it's a likely #CFP berth. This Week: SEE #4

5) Clemson 7-1: Last week was tough. It took a couple of semi-questionable calls to help hold off a last second NC State drive and win the game. The Tigers need to hold serve to stay in the chase. This Week: vs. FSU; Our Pick: Clemson 31, FSU 17

6) Wisconsin 9-0: The Rodney Dangerfield's of College Football have not played any top tier teams all season. But...they've won 9 straight. That counts. Win out and win the Big 10 title game, The Badgers could very well make the #CFP. This Week: vs. Iowa; Our Pick: Wisconsin 27, Iowa 23

7) Oklahoma 7-1: Bedlam. The Sooners did what they do and continue racking up points. But they struggle to stop anyone like most Big 12 teams. For us---it's enough to keep them from the Top 5. This Week: vs. TCU. Our Pick: TCU 35, Oklahoma 33 UPSET!!!

8) TCU 7-1: And now we find out if The Horned Frogs are for real. One slip up to a surprisingly good Iowa St. team dinged TCU but the redemption tour is well underway. Win out---another possible playoff team. Lose this week--it's just another bowl game. This Week: See #7

9) UCF 7-0: Love the Knights. Love what Scott Frost has done with this program which was winless just 2-years ago. Nobody gives them credit since they're in the AAC, but they're going to be a Pick 6 team. Trust me. This Week: vs. UConn; Our Pick: UCF 43, UConn 21

10) Michigan St 7-2: Not sure what to make of the Spartans but they've got some good wins this year. They may not stay here but the tough defense is enough to compensate for the offense's challenges. This Week: at Ohio St; Our Pick: Ohio State 31, Michigan State 21

11) Washington 8-1: Folks, seriously---this is statistically the #1 defense in the country. Yes, really. No, there are no "Signature Wins" here and that is a big, big issue in the mind of both me and the crooked voters. This Week: at Stanford; Our Pick: Stanford 35, Washington 31 UPSET!!!!

12) Auburn 7-2: I'm not sold on this--but there are few better options. The Tigers have not been incredibly consistent--but for the most part--they've been tough. As Kerryon Johnson goes, so goes the offense. The defense has been steady but somewhat unsuccessful. This Week: SEE #2


5) Oregon State 1-8: Ooof. Now we know why Gary Anderson bailed out on the Beavers, this is an atrocious football team. Yeah, sure, they won a game. Barely. Against Portland State. A worthy team, look up what they haven't accomplished and you'll know why they are here. This Week: at Arizona; Our Pick: Arizona 41, Oregon St. 10

4) Kansas 1-8: The Jayhawks aren't going to give up their "Worst of the Wurst" trophy without a fight. They practically rolled over for a previously winless Baylor. And the schedule finishes with teams that should rout them. Easily. This Week: at Texas; Our Pick: Texas 37, Kansas 10

3) San Jose St 1-9: Another statistically horrible team who've rarely put up a fight---with anyone. If not for a win vs. Cal Poly---this would be another winless squad. What else can I say?? This Week:at Nevada; Our Pick: Nevada 13, San Jose State 9

2) Georgia Southern 0-8: Y'all have no idea how hard this is for me. My alma mater is far too proud to take this lightly...but man...Hey we played a decent Georgia St. team tight...moral victories I suppose. This Week: at Appalachian St.; Our Pick: Ga. Southern 27, App. St 26 (have to pick alma mater---it's a rule) sigh....

1) UTEP 0-9: Thank god for UTEP. If not this crappy Miners squad--my Eagles would be the worst #CFB team in all the land. But alas, America's worst offense continues to offend--racking up a rousing 3 point game vs. MTSU. Go U-Tep....This Week: at North Texas; Our Pick: N.Texas 37, UTEP 3

And so we wind up another week of College Football analyzation. So much to talk about, so little time....

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