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The NCAA is a Dictatorship For Coaches and Profits: Example--Braxton Beverly

((NCAA National Office/Wikipedia))

There are more examples than we---or anyone else can count of the NCAA being completely hypocritical and holding coaches to one standard and athletes to another.

The case of North Carolina State Freshman Guard Braxton Beverly may be the dumbest example we've seen yet.

For those unfamiliar--Beverly was set to begin his NCAA time playing at Ohio State. Recruited by now former Buckeye Head Coach Thad Matta, Beverly enrolled in Summer School, taking some early classes only to find out his primary reason for attending---Matta....was asked to leave.

Beverly after just a couple weeks of classes decided immediately he did not want to play at Ohio State for someone else--so he decided to ask for a transfer. Mind you--Beverly had not yet begun practice--he'd just started taking classes.

The NCAA ruled last week Beverly would not be eligible to play at NC State because he was a student at Ohio State.

Got it??

Mind you this is the same NCAA that allows coaches to take or leave jobs while under contract. This is the same NCAA that will likely see at least a dozen coaches without jobs in less than a month for in some cases---not that they ran a dirty program, but they didn't win ENOUGH games.

Coaches in College Sports can sell their souls to convince athletes to come play for them at a school and then if a better offer comes--can walk away from their job---no questions asked. And that's a problem.

Yeah--sure, there are "Buyouts"....some lately have gotten more and more expensive. Which is a whole other issue that we're not going to get into---today because they seem to be trivial to certain schools/athletic associations.

In short--we want to know why players are not free to move around like coaches. Yes, in football it seems like Quarterbacks are perennial free agents. But if you graduate early---yeah, sure you should be free to do what you please.

To make this quick---(gotta go to the paying job). We get that "Technically" according to the letter of the rulebook---Beverly must sit out a season as a transfer. But this is stupid. In a world where the University of North Carolina despite overwhelming evidence of phony classes and grades can get away with just a wrist slap and any number of coaches in Football or Basketball can coach one season somewhere and walk away for a better offer---why should players not be allowed to do the same?? Ponder this....

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