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No, The NFL is Not Killing Pizza Sales

((Too good looking for a Papa John's Pizza))

For the past really two years the world has entered uncharted and bizzaro world territory. Life, things we know from the past, things developing in the future and our attitudes about the way people are treated are all changing. Evolving, at least for some of us....

The NFL has not been immune to this. Ratings, like EVERY single other televised event are sliding and the league has both PR problems and POLITICAL problems.

It's players---egged on for years by fans to do use their status as professional athletes to help bring change to their communities and now trying to do it---only to see their efforts get hijacked by politicians. And the Political idiots---we won't name them---yet, blame the loss of TV ratings on an issue they (the political morons) have hijacked as something completely different from what it actually is.

Players kneeling for the anthem.

Everyone from the person occupying the white house to the tv cable news network who functions as that persons propaganda arm took an issue that was about social injustice and made it about patriotism.

And that according to those people and those who worship the ground those politicians walk on are what is causing people to turn off their TV's.

Not the crappy NFL product. Not the unwatchable product on far too much and not people having a life or not buying crappy "Sponsor" product.

Wednesday, John Schnatter, a partisan fan of politics and the John in "Papa John's" pizza came out and publicly stated the NFL is causing people to not buy his pizza. Schnatter claims it is because of the NFL's inability to navigate the kneeling issue and other issues they are struggling with (see Elliot, Ezekiel)

Mind you Schnatter could not produce any evidence connecting one with the other saying only that it's because consumers identify his brand with the NFL because they are a primary sponsor.

Which is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.

If Schantter is being above board or trying to be legitimate in his issue---produce evidence. Don't just say something and then have nothing to back it up. It's the problem we all have now. Those in positions of power just say whatever they want---if you question them or want to see evidence---they just accuse YOU of making it up or say YOU don't hold someone else to the fire for lying.

Yes, the NFL has issues. Commissioner Roger Goodell has made an ass of himself in attempting to discipline Dallas Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot for allegations of domestic violence thought Elliot was never arrested nor his he still facing charges of such. Elliot has fought the league in court and each week either the NFL or Elliot wins in a different court. The whole thing is dumb.

As we said earlier, watch an NFL TV broadcast and try staying awake. Most game are dull, slow paced with WAY too many TV timeouts. What's worse---the games are even harder to watch in person with all the timeouts.

When you have teams like the Cleveland Browns starting QB's like Cody Kessler or the Packers stuck with Brett Hundley at QB, you are going to have shitty football. And no, people aren't going to keep TV's on to watch it.

TV as a whole is under a HUGE change. People don't sit for "Appointment TV" like they did a generation ago. The younger generations are on their phones, surfing Social Media or taking up other sports.

Football's reputation as a physically damaging game---another problem. As information comes out describing the physical toll the game takes on players (Concussions, broken bones, multiple surgeries etc) families and others don't want to put their kids through that.

To sit there and say this is all about a POLITICAL issue---the kneel, is at best grasping at straws and reading far, far too little in to a litany of problems. Do some homework. Look at social trends. Look at what people are doing in their day to day lives. Rarely does it involve devoting three plus hours sitting in front of a TV at home.

Even on NFL Sunday's.....

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