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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: You've Gotta Know When to Fold Them....

You could say this past weekend was emblematic of Jim McElwain's tenure at Florida or being a Football Coach at an SEC school who's not winning a title, couldn't ya??

Chances are if you're reading this, you know the Gators fired McElwain and you know Tennessee's Butch Jones won't be far behind. Arkansas Brett Bielema and Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin won't be far behind...all while buzzards circle around Auburn's Gus Malzahn and Ole Miss's interim coach Matt Luke.

Which is all well and good---if you knew your next coach would be better than the previous one. Something you won't know until you hire them.

Sounds like a card game---doesn't it??

But alas---we're not about gambling here, we are just about the facts....

That makes us 82-17 on the season, which friends....ain't nothing to sneeze at.....!!

Enough about me, this is about College Football and all that makes it great.....

So as one Casey Kasem once said; "It's on with the Countdown".......


1) Alabama 8-0: Sure, there were whispers Georgia was going to start the "Playoff Poll" as #1. But they've not done anything yet. Because THE Nature Boy....his ownself, says it best....

And at the end of the day---nobody's done it. Yet. And no, fake pollsters---it DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK. This Week: vs. LSU; Our Pick: Alabama 31, LSU 21

2) Georgia 8-0: Ok, yes, laying "The Smack Down" on Florida was impressive. Very impressive. Outside an increasingly huge win AT Notre Dame, the Dawgs haven't been pushed. Eventually they'll need to throw the ball. Do it well, the possibilities are endless. This Week: vs. South Carolina; Our Pick: UGA 37, S.Carolina 13

3) Notre Dame 7-1: Yup, I said it. This is the 3rd best team in all the land. This week. The schedule is tough from here on in but as long Josh Adams keeps doing what he's doing, the Irish will be in every game and could run the table. This Week: vs. Wake Forest; Our Pick: Notre Dame 25, Wake Forest 21

4) Ohio State 7-1: Another team we've got higher than others (I think). QB J.T Barrett had the game of his life vs. Penn St. and saved the Buckeye's season. The path to the Big 10 title is pretty clear as long as they just keep doing what they've been doing. This Week: at Iowa; Our Pick: Ohio St. 34, Iowa 10

5) Clemson 7-1: Another middle of the top tier team with their fate in their own hands. Beat NC State and the ACC Title game is likely, lose and they end up in a minor bowl game. No, they couldn't pull away from a game Ga.Tech team...but the Defense absolutely smothered the Tech-bone offense. This Week: at North Carolina State; Our Pick: Clemson 27, NC State 23

6) Penn State 7-1: The Nittany Lions were exposed a bit but still are better than most teams in the NCAA never mind the Big 10. The offensive line needs to tighten up. A lot. The path to the Big 10 has some hurdles...but stranger things have happened. This Week: at Michigan State; Our Pick: Penn State 38, Michigan State 23

7) Miami 7-0: Alright, alright, alright--yes the Hurricanes are still undefeated despite every game being a "Nailbiter". Coach Mark Richt was upset about the 'Canes "Sloppy" play vs. N. Carolina, but they still won. The next two weeks will go along way towards shaping the end of their season. This Week: vs. Virginia Tech; Our Pick: Va. Tech 31, Miami 30

8) Wisconsin 8-0: The most unimpressive 8-0 team in the world. But it's because the total "Crap" schedule. Arguably their best win may have been over Florida Atlantic (what?). Beat Michigan later in November and this is one of your Big 10 Championship game teams. This Week: at Indiana; Our Pick: Wisconsin 21, Indiana 17

9) Oklahoma 7-1: Another team that would be awesome...if they played ANY sort of defense. I still don't understand how they beat Ohio State. The Sooners too have squeaked by far inferior teams too often this season to be ranked higher. Bedlam will be interesting. This Week: at Oklahoma State; Our Pick: Oklahoma 51, Oklahoma State 41

10) TCU 7-1: What happened to the Horned Frogs?? The high flying offense landed with nary a whimper against a good, but not great Iowa State defense. Weather wasn't a factor--Kenny Hill and company did nothing. Absolutely nothing. This Week: vs. Texas; Our Pick: TCU 27, Texas 23

11) UCF 7-0: Could this be Florida's best College Football team?? Yes, yes they could. The nation's statistically 3rd best offense leads the world averaging over 50-points a game. And no, Scott Frost will not be the coach next season. Unfortunately for the Knights. This Week: at SMU; Our Pick: UCF 47, SMU 41

12) Iowa State 6-2: Yes, they're flawed--but wins over two Top 10 teams in one month will boost your profile. A lot. Believe it or not---the Cyclones could easily be a Big 12 title team if they win out. How many of you made that bet?? This Week: at West Virginia; Our Pick: Iowa St. 28, W.Virginia 23

And that concludes are "Good Team" portion of the show.......(almost in there: Washington, Virginia Tech)


Not much has changed here as the bad teams...well are still bad. But in the spirit of mixing things up a bit---we're going to drop a team or two in here, that hasn't visited all season. Believe me when I say this; they've earned to opportunity to be ranked.....

5) Kansas 1-7:This Week: vs. Baylor; Our Pick: Baylor 10, Kansas 9..........(yawn....)

4) Baylor 0-8: One team--between Baylor and Kansas is likely to exit our list of crappy teams after this weekend. And as much as we've cheered for Baylor to lose 'em all, even they won't lost to the Jayhawks. We would not recommend watching the Baylor/Kansas game---to even people we don't like...This Week: SEE #5

3) San Jose State 1-8. The good news for the Spartans: The season ends at the end of November. The bad news, somehow they've got 4 games left (13 on the season). (Scratches head)--How does that happen? And to a crappy team?? This Week: vs. San Diego St.; Our Pick: San Diego St. 43, San Jose St. 21

2) Georgia Southern 0-7: Sigh......It really kills me to see what's happened to my Alma Mater. But we're awful. Really, really bad. And thus far, the new "Interim" coach has produced the same results as his predecessor. Which unfortunately is not likely to change.....This Week: vs. Georgia St.; Our Pick: Ga. Southern 23, Ga.State 21 (Not allowed to pick against alma mater---though I don't believe we'll win)

1) UTEP 0-8: And...we give you America's WORST College Football far. The Miners have been inept pretty much from the start and are truly the worst team thus far. #130 in all the land on offense means they can't score combined with the #112th defense in country means you likely are going to lose. Every time out. Even Mike Price can't salvage this mess. This Week: at MTSU; Our Pick: MTSU 130, UTEP 10

And so that ends our look at College Football's Best and Worst. You can hear us discuss everything College Football related in our (2) weekly College Football Podcasts....

The OSG College Football Report and The Midweek Humpty Hump can both be found on I-Tunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud...(I don't have time to look up the links for all---Search: THE OSG Sports Report for both)

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