The Way Too Early "Who's In, Who's Out?"

((HT: ESPN))

Is it too early to talk about comings and goings...???

The HQ doesn't think so- especially after two moments (so far) that happened as college football tried to get out of the way of basebal's last games of the year...

(We don't know if we can use the title without getting a finger wag from someone in New York, so we won't use it here...)

Moment 1...Matt Campbell in Ames

This happened when TCU came into Ames, Iowa to take on Iowa State Saturday...

Campbell is going to be an interesting pursuit in the off-season for someone. It's a $9.4-million buyout and Campbell is also going to get a $500,000 bonus for that win above (he hit a magic number) and is in line for another $400,000 in bonuses as we go along here this season.

Moment 2... Jim McElwain...

Hear us out...

First, there was the weird presser this week where the Florida head coach mentioned death threats, gave no proof, and then said he would divulge said proof at what would be the highest point of concern- when his family can't stand any more.

Weird, right...???

So,now, after an absolute stomping in a rivalry game there's this...

Weird, right...???

Well, no...

Florida, Ole Miss, Miss State, Arkansas, and maybe even Auburn might be looking to fill vacancies at some point in all of this. McElwain's lack of detail in a serious charge against a fan base should accelerate things in Gainesville.

If this path McElwain is going down just that and nothing else it may result in a firing for cause... which means no buyout needed.

And that may happen as soon as Sunday.

Step One...

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