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Wild Pickoff Attempt Bounces off Ump and Likely Saves Game for Astros


Early predictions of a Los Angeles Dodgers World Series rout were very, very premature. The Houston Astros won a tight, tense, thriller of a game late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning 7-6 in 11 innings.

There were a ton of "Highlights" you could say changed the face of the game---home runs by both teams in extra innings just added to the drama.

But arguably the most pivotal play of the game came in the 10th inning as the Dodgers had a Enrique (KeKe) Hernandez on 2nd with two outs and arguably their hottest hitter--Chris Taylor at the plate.

For reasons nobody is sure of, Astros reliever Chris Devenski decided or was told to try picking off Hernandez at 2nd base. Devenski whirled and attempted to throw to 2B Jose Altuve, rushing to cover the bag.

However the throw was nowhere close to Altuve and would have headed straight to centerfield had it not been for 2nd base umpire Laz Diaz who was hovering close to the bag.

The ball hit Diaz---pretty close, but not quite in the family jewels and ricocheted right to Altuve who caught it and prevented Hernandez from advancing.

Diaz was not injured---though his groin area is probably a bit sore this morning. And it was a clutch 2-run home run from George Springer in the top of the 11th inning that sealed the win for Houston.

Game 3 in this series in Friday night in Houston.

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