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Ohio St. to Debut Bad Ass Gray Uniforms for Penn St. Game


As if the Big 10 Game of the season didn't need any more intrigue, The Ohio State Buckeyes rolled out their merchandising/uniform combination for Saturday's battle vs. #2 Ranked Penn State.

And, yeah, we have to admit--the look is pretty damn cool. It includes a gray jersey with black numbering and a sleek gray helmet with red Buckeyes on it.

Oh, and did we mention the look is topped off with a shiny pair of "Lebron's"---a.k.a--Nike Cleats??

They also released a really slickly produced video we are guessing came from the Nike folks their own selves. And yes, smart money says tOSU and Nike will make a fortune off this. Oh---lest we forget: Lebron is a YUGE Ohio State fan. So much so that he has a locker in the teams locker room.

Here's the video:

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