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Tempting Fate? Penn St. Fans Chant for Alabama During Big Win Over Michigan

((Screengrab/Big Ten Network-ESPN))

Has anyone told Penn State Football fans to never....ever poke the Saban?? How many times do teams have to immediately regret calling for "Alabama" before they'll learn??

Late in Saturday night's 42-13 dominant win over Michigan, Penn State fans suddenly broke into a chant saying "We want Bama" us when we say---you never should do that.

Your game highlights from The Big 10 Network/ESPN:

The win solidifies Penn State's #2 ranking, moving them to 7-0 on the season. The BIG test comes this coming Saturday when they travel to Columbus, Ohio to take on a Top 10 Ohio State team on a roll in what should be the best game ahead. (For more on that--check out THE OSG Sports Report podcast this week)

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