Ga. Southern Fires Tyson Summers after 0-6 Start

As a Georgia Southern Alumni I can't say I'm upset about this---it probably should have happened last season.

The winless and punchless Georgia Southern Eagles announced Sunday afternoon they have relieved Tyson Summers of head coaching duties before Summers had finished his second season.

In those 1 and a half seasons he compiled the worst overall record in Southern's history 5-13. Assistant Head Coach Chad Lunsford will run the team for the rest of the 2017 season, one most of us alums hope adds up to at least ONE win....sigh....

The straw that broke the camels back and forced Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein's hand was a thoroughly embarrassing 55-20 loss to previously winless Massachusetts...

Outside my obvious connection as a 1988 Graduate (yes, I'm old)....the once proud Eagle program had been the rare bird to make the jump from FCS to FBS with little problem. Two Sun Belt titles and a Bowl Game led many to believe there would be no let down.

But it was the abrupt and questionable departure of Willie Fritz on the heels of Conference Title which has led to the abrupt downfall of a proud program. Fritz didn't take a bigger job---moving to Tulane was considered by most a lateral move at best.

Summers, a former offensive coordinator was a bit of a surprise choice. We now see he was ill-prepared to run a program, not even one the size of Georgia Southern.