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Old Grudge? Mike Leach Wants a Rally to Help Him Get Paid by Texas Tech

Washington State Cougars Head Coach Mike Leach apparently holds a grudge. And he wants revenge on those who he believes have wronged him.

Leach posted on Twitter Friday a poster asking supporters from his previous job at Texas Tech to show up at a rally before the Red Raiders game vs. Iowa State being played at Jerry World (ATT Stadium) near Dallas.

The reason: Leach still wants the $2.2 million dollars he believes Tech owes him after parting ways back in 2009. (We'll explain in a minute)


For those of you with short memories (these days nobody remembers life in 2009), here's the reason Leach is still harboring a grudge against the Red Raiders.

He was let go from the program after allegations he "Mistreated" then Wide Receiver Adam James. James is the son of former SMU star Craig James who many say forced Tech to fire Leach for not playing favorites with Adam.

This link is somewhat enlightening CLICK HERE

Claims were made he forced the young WR to stand (under security) in a small dark closet while recovering from an alleged "Concussion". The charges were argued and never entirely proven---but Leach was terminated for "Just Cause" and never received his buyout or money owed.

Leach would attempt to file suit to claim the money--the case was thrown out of court because Texas--like many states don't allow anyone to sue a "State Run Entity". (Which is absurd, scary and highly political--along with a totally other story).

No, the mercurial head coach will not be at Jerry World Saturday morning for the event, his Cougars play Colorado in Boulder. But we, like many others will be very interested to see the turnout.....

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