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Welp: Volunteers Fan Produces Hilarious Video Slamming Butch Jones

((Butch Jones/Wikipedia))

Yeah, I know--we shouldn't be laughing at something making fun of someone about to be unemployed/getting fired---but, I couldn't resist.

University of Tennessee Football Coach Butch Jones is unfortunately a "Dead Coach Walking"---a coach who by most every account will lose his job at some point between now and the end of the College Football season.

Jones has been the target of multiple rumors/jokes/attacks by Volunteer fans thinking they should be much better than they are pretty much since the day he signed his contract in Knoxville.

Check out this very well produced--30 for 30 Style video by a Tennessee fan that goes by the Twitter handle @BigOrangeVolz:

In case you were wondering--Lyle is Jones's given name, Butch his nickname.

And if you listen to THE OSG Sports Report and/or The Hump Day Show---you are likely aware of "Wilkie's Hot Seat Scale"....since he's not writing this---I am, I rate Butch/Lyle's seat as "Ghost Pepper". As for a replacement. Be prepared to be disappointed Tennessee fans---while you might not have Butch to kick around, you likely won't be getting your Chip Kelly/Jon Gruden either.


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