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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of The Barrel: You Play to Win The Game

If anyone tells you they saw last week in College Football happening---they're lying. Four Top 10 teams (Auburn, Clemson, Washington State and Washington) went down in the span of about 30 hours and the Top 10 will never be the same.

Or will it??

Others---like Oklahoma and USC held on--barely and their chance at the Championship Belt is also hanging by a thread but....yes, Herm is right you play to win the game---and let the cards fall where they may.

Enough preaching--I apologize for the lack of humor this week as I'm carrying on a conversation at the same time type this---which yeah, is an excuse but some of us have to be focused to be funny. (Look it up!)

Yikes! Last week---11-5, not good. Killing our win percentage. But yeah, we went favorite heavy and it bit us in the ass...(Lesson learned). Overall, still good, 60-13, but.....sigh.....

Alas--this week is another week and to quote radio legend Casey Kasem---"On with the Countdown"....


1) Alabama 7-0: Anyone questioning whether it's the Crimson Tide's world and we just live in it?? Really. Does anyone have a chance at beating these guys and winning the College Football Playoff?

This Week: vs. Tennessee (bye, bye Butch Jones); Our Pick: Alabama 47, Tennessee 3

2) Penn State 6-0: The next 3 games will tell us if the Nittany Lions are truly a team to challenge Alabama. Games vs. Michigan, Ohio State and Michigan State are quite the gauntlet. However Saquon Barkley, Trace McSorley and company may be up to the task. This Week: vs. Michigan; Our Pick: Penn State 27, Michigan 23

3) TCU 6-0: Yes, the Horned Frogs are our #3 team this week. They've not been dominant but they've been good. Very, very good. TCU is the Big 12's best hope at slipping into the CFP, though their matchup with Oklahoma in a couple weeks will be the deciding factor. This Week: vs. Kansas; Our Pick: TCU 47, Kansas 13

4) Georgia 7-0: The Dawgs aren't higher this week only because we've seen this before with them. No, this team does not APPEAR to be like teams of recent vintage but it's hard to look past history. The #3 defense in the country is stout--but injured and the offense seems to get better every week. The BYE week comes at a great time. This Week: BYE

5) Wisconsin 6-0: Another team with a history of going brain dead at the wrong time, the Badgers really have no excuse this year. The schedule is awful, really the only "At Risk" game is in late November vs. Michigan. No, the Badgers couldn't be any of the teams ranked ahead of them here---but ya never know. This Week: vs. Maryland; Our Pick: Wisconsin 31, Maryland 21

6) Ohio State 6-1: Arguably the hottest team in all of College Football the past 4 weeks, the Buckeye's have scored over 50 points in all 4 wins. The offense has finally clicked and defense has been stout. We'll find out what Ohio State has in two weeks when they play Penn State in Columbus. This Week: BYE

7) Miami 5-0: The Hurricanes haven't always been pretty--but they keep winning, riding Malik Rosier and Darrell Langham to a pair of last second wins in consecutive weeks. When will their luck run out?? This Week: vs. Syracuse; Our Pick: Miami 31, Syracuse 27

8) Clemson 6-1: If anyone needs a week off---it may be The Tigers. QB Kelly Bryant is banged up and recovering from a concussion. And if you watched the Tigers lose to Syracuse--you saw how different a team they are without their QB. This Week: BYE

9) Notre Dame 5-1: Yup. I hate to rank them and despite Wilkie's prediction Brian Kelly was on a jalepeno level hot seat, look at the results. The Irish have lost---by 1 point to Georgia. The schedule gets tougher from here so they may not stay ranked this high--but for now.....This Week: vs. USC; Our Pick: USC 37, Notre Dame 31 *UPSET*

10) Oklahoma 5-1: Another pick we're not sold on, we'll give the Sooners the benefit of the doubt. For now. If they had ANY defense, they'd be ranked higher. Much higher. Back to back games with Okie State and TCU will be the story of their season. This Week: at Kansas State; Our Pick: Oklahoma 49, Kansas State 27

11) USC 5-1: So, if you are sensing a trend here it is because there are a whole bunch of teams that we THINK should be good but nobody is really sure if they actually are. USC definitely fits the bill as they have won a bunch of close games some of which shouldn't have been close. This Week (Close)---See #9

12) UCF 5-0: Scott Frost may be coaching his way to a big job after what he's doing in Orlando. This may be the best team you've not ever seen play. A Top 10 offense and Top 30 defense with a really easy schedule down the homestretch. The finale with South Florida will be for Power 5 Spoiler of the Year. This Week: at Navy; Our Pick: UCF 41, Navy 21


As much as the Top Teams had a rough week and lots of things changed---absolutely nothing changed for the Nation's worst teams.

5) Baylor 0-6: Karma Police.....

This Week: vs. West Virginia; Our Pick: West Va. 40, Baylor 17

4) Georgia Southern 0-5: Enough about me. It pains me so, so much to have to write this but my Beloved Eagles have earned this dishonor. Brief flashes of competitiveness quickly give way to poor coaching and execution. This Week: at UMass; Our Pick: Ga. Southern 36, UMass 21 (Can't pick against the alma mater)

3) UMass 0-6: Sigh. The Minutemen have been bad for several years now. Statistically they've improved--but statistics mean nothing if you can't win. And they can't. This Week: See #4

2) Charlotte 0-7: Another team that needs to reconsider their FBS status--the 49errs can't compete. Not even in Conference USA. When your season highlight is a 1-point loss to FIU, um---you have no highlights. This Week: vs. UAB; Our Pick: UAB 31, Charlotte 13

1) UTEP 0-7: Conference USA must allow Charlotte and UTEP to play. They must do this "Toilet Bowl" game because they both will not win. Neither of them. UTEP is historically bad on offense--the Nation's worst team. Who couldn't score. Against Southern Mississippi. At all. This Week: BYE 31, UTEP 0

And so ends another week of College Football Picks and Polls in the House of Fun....A handful of interesting games this coming week---but heck, we thought the last two weeks were crappy games---yet they were interesting as heck.

Oh, and we'd be negligent if we didn't mention OSG Sports Radio. All the College Football News and Information you could ever ask for.

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