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Yes Really: Rick Pitino is Suing Adidas for "Emotional Distress"

Quick everyone---let's all shed a group tear for now "Officially" former Louisville Head Basketball Coach Rick Pitino....

Now brace yourselves---Pitino apparently feels like he's found a scapegoat.


Yup, Adidas---whom by the way may or may not have known 98% of the money they paid Louisville...was going to the Coach his ownself. The Louisville Courier-Journal was able to document the $39 million dollar apparel deal--rerouted the money mostly to Pitino.

The lawsuit claims--among other things, Pitino has been "Inflicted Emotional Damage" because he was totally innocent and linked to the sneaker company paying athletes off the books to go to certain schools. It also laughingly claims he's entitled to compensation because people are making "Fun" of him both online and off due to the criticism and accusations that he knew about the illegal payments and other bad things going on at the University.

Though he does admit to knowing James Gatto, the Adidas representative who was part of the scheme which involved coaches at multiple schools and more than one athletic company, he claims the news forced him to put his $5-plus million dollar Louisville home up for sale and relocate to Florida and it's now made him un-employable.

Um, no--I'm pretty sure there's nobody shedding any tear here;

If you want a good read--and laugh, this is an image of the suit. To read it all---Deadspin has a copy at the link RIGHT HERE

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