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Bad Pac 12 Weekend: Arizona State Stuns #5 Washington

((Screengrab Courtesy: Pac 12 Network/ESPN))

This weekend was not fun nor pretty for the Pac 12 teams who hail from the State of Washington.

On the heels of one Top 10 team (Washington State) getting annihilated versus Cal, begat a horrific performance by the #5 ranked Washington Huskies.

Arizona State rode a humungous performance by their defense and just enough offense to beat the Huskies 13-7 in a late, late game many on the East Coast may not have seen.

The Sun Devils were so dominant on defense, the Huskies didn't score until 5:30 was left on the the 4th quarter.

Arizona State did just enough on offense, controlling the ball for 34 minutes to keep Jake Browning, Myles Gaskin and company off the field and pulled off what for them may be their biggest upset in years.

Highlights from the Pac 12 Network:

It also puts Stanford in the Pac 12 driver seat in the Pac 12 North and puts added importance on their game with Washington coming up in Palo Alto on November 10th. (Though a ton could change by then too)

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