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UCF's Incredible Space Themed Alternate Uniforms For The Win....

((Screegrab/UCF Knights))

It's kind of difficult to see in the screen grab, so you'll need to watch below---but the University of Central Florida may very well have won the "Alternate Uniform" game.

The Knights pushed out a "Debut" video Wednesday ahead of Saturday's Homecoming game versus East Carolina and the video--and uniforms are nothing short of spectacular.

The look---totally space/astronomy with stars and nebulas and rockets. Blended into a dark, black and combined with a Space Mission patch--the look is sleek, clean and unique. And totally fits--unlike the bizarre Florida Gators Gator look.

Take a look at the video reveal below:

This is the rare "Alternate" look we applaud for the thought actually put into it. For those of you wondering why we generally hate "Alternate" jersey's---it's simply put...a total marketing gimmick designed to generate more jersey sales for the school and in turn the Athletic Apparel companies (in this case Nike).....

Check out the cool looking patch on the jersey's too....

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