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Report: Auburn Opens Investigation After Allegations "Mentor" Took Test for Football Playe

Welp, you can say Auburn University is certainly taking the allegations made in an ESPN report seriously because they've hired their "Out of House" legal firm to investigate what has been said.

ESPN's Outside the Lines broke a story Wednesday night stating an "Mentor" took tests for at least one Tiger football player.

The interesting part--at least to us--Auburn Football players have both "Mentors" and "Tutors" to help them navigate the academic year.

According to the 4-Letters investigative team, the "Tutor" was reviewing a players performance on an "Online Exam" and noticed the athlete received a perfect score on an exam just weeks into the semester. The athlete then told the tutor he never took the test, raising the flag.

The whistleblower/tutor says after notifying supervisors about what happened, they were immediately terminated from their responsibilities.

As for the "Internal" investigation, the University apparently hired the Lightfoot, Franklin and White law firm of Birmingham to investigate the allegations which added to the firms task of investigating now former Assistant Basketball Coach Chuck Person, a federal lawsuit by a former baseball coach against Athletic Director Jay Jacobs and allegations of impropriety in the women's softball program.

What all this means we suppose is still to be determined and the best guess is the Basketball Allegations will in the long run prove to be the most serious of the issues.

For their part--the school released a lengthy statement rebutting the charges about the football player stating the "Tutor" never filed a complaint. Also they identified the "Gender" of said tutor though ESPN did not and stated the tutor left the athletic department after being placed on administrative leave. The tutor says the decision to leave was based in large part the need to take care of an ailing family member.

Unto itself---it's hard to say if this investigation will actually go anywhere---taken with everything else that is currently going on---it seems to indicate a ton of internal turmoil at a "Large Scale" SEC Program desperate to compete and succeed with other "Large Scale" programs. It does not bode well for Jacobs's future....

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