Because Mike Leach is Awesome: A 10-Minute Rant on Playoff Expansion

Never, never ever change Washington State Football Coach Mike Leach. There is a full-on reason College Football has nobody like you and quite honestly---that makes it much, much more fun.

Monday afternoon the Pirate Football coach---well, went full on Mike Leach. He got on a roll about expanding the College Football Playoff to more teams.

And....well, um---10 minutes later he stopped.

First the abridged---2:30 or so edited version:


The way Leach's 6-0 and 6th ranked Cougars are currently playing---they may actually be one of the "CFB Four". Though much like cross-state and 5th ranked University of Washington, nobody knows who they are due to late kickoff times.

They'll find out soon enough. Washington State goes on the road to Berkley and faces the University of California Friday 10:30 eastern voter time....