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Security Threats Made Ahead of Michigan vs. Michigan State Game??


There are not a lot of "Marquee Matchups in Week 6 of the College Football season but there are a few. And while Michigan State playing at Michigan is not the "Big" game nationally it once was, it is still a huge deal in the state of Michigan.

And for reasons not totally explained---both schools have apparently been receiving threats regarding potential attacks or incidents against fans---of each team.

Those threats were either credible enough or numerous enough that both schools (one in Ann Arbor, the other in East Lansing) felt compelled to issue a "Joint Security Statement".....

From the Michigan State:

Press release from MSU, East Lansing police

East Lansing, MSU Police Receive Threats against MSU Athletic Events October 6, 2017 EAST LANSING, Mich. – The East Lansing and Michigan State University police department have received a letter making general threats against Michigan State University athletic events. The letter does not provide specific information in regards to the event or manner of the threat. Both police departments are working in conjunction with additional law enforcement agencies to investigate the origin and validity of these statements. The case remains an open and active investigation. Citizens and members of the campus community are urged to remain vigilant of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement immediately.

In Ann Arbor---both schools Athletic Directors released a "Join Letter" regarding safety as the game will be played for the first time in the night.

Read it by clicking on the link HERE

The night game part of a "Rivalry" game is always a little scary because it lengthens the time rival fans have to drink/party/tailgate and the odds of someone doing something stupid increases exponentially.

That being said---the Michigan State response is a little more concerning as it appears more than one threat has been made regarding the game.

WXYZ-TV in Detroit did a story on it:

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