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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of The Barrel: Why Can't We Be Friends?

Sigh....we really wanted to come up with something witty and funny to make our weekly look at College Football's best and worst a true entertainment and educational experience.

But we struggle with such thoughts this week, a week where the worst in people yet again appears.

Why can't we just be happy and cool---accept people for who they are and respect the premise that we come from different backgrounds, disagreements are ok and respecting the fact that not everybody has the same beliefs you do??

If you didn't listen to this week's OSG Sports Report podcast---

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You may have heard us talk about our favorite soundbite of the week---from Washington State Head Coach and one-of-a-kind Pirate Head Coach Mike Leach.....(Courtesy: ESPN)

First things first though: 11-0 last week (not against the spread) and including USC losing. Which makes us 37-5 on the season. (Yup, you should be impressed)......

And now---now, that the formalities and set-up have finished, "It's on with the Countdown".....


1) Alabama 5-0: For reasons we don't quite understand CBS Sports has these guys ranked #2?? How can this be a thing? The Tide have a 125-3 scoring margin...for the past 2 weeks, need we say more.....

This Week: at Texas A&M; Our Pick: Alabama 31, Aggies 13

2) Clemson 5-0: Yup, the Tigers have been impressive. Not dominant, impressive. And the "Tough" part of the schedule is over. Unless Kelly Bryant and company slip up, you are looking at a "Playoff 4" team. This Week: vs. Wake Forest; Our Pick: Clemson 34, Wake 17

3) Penn State 5-0: If you haven't gotten on the Saquon Barkley bandwagon yet, you need to. Running TD's, Kickoff Return TD's and Passing TD's--he's doing it all for a really good, well coached team. The Nittany Lions are dangerous and will have a say as to who makes the "Playoff 4". This Week: at Northwestern; Our Pick: Penn St. 27, Northwestern 23

4) Oklahoma 4-0: Don't sleep on the Nation's top rated offense. Sure, they were off last week and most of us forgot about them, but a slight improvement on defense and this could also be a title team. Back-to-back games with TCU and Okie State in November will tell all. This Week: vs. Iowa State; Our Pick: Oklahoma 41, Iowa St. 21

5) TCU 4-0: The Horned Frogs dismantled once highly regarded Oklahoma State 2 weeks ago on both sides of the ball. If they keep it up, look out kids. Kenny Hill is playing under control at QB and Darius Anderson is strong at RB. This Week: vs. West Virginia; Our Pick: TCU 43, West Virginia 34

6) Georgia 5-0: If you turn off the volume, you'd think The Bulldogs were Alabama. They play defense like the Tide--strong, physical, fast and deep. On offense--waves of Running Backs and a young QB fairly adept at managing a game and making plays when needed. This Week: at Vanderbilt; Our Pick: Georgia 24, Vandy 17

7) Michigan 4-0: The Nation's best defense will keep you in any game. And the injury to QB Wilton Speight makes this even more important. In the Big 10, it's crucial. Don't know if the Harbaugh's are title material but they are pretty good. This Week: vs. Michigan State; Our Pick: Michigan 23, Michigan St. 21

8) Washington 5-0: Husky Coach Chris Petersen is mad his team plays at night, overnight on Saturday's isn't exactly prime for East Coast writers/coaches etc. But you are missing something if you haven't seen them. A stout defense with a healthy dose of the PAC 12's underrated QB Jake Browning means good team. This Week: vs. Cal; Our Pick: Washington 41, Cal 23

9) Washington State 5-0: Hmmm...the two top teams in Washington back-to-back?? Yup. And yes, we can't wait for this years Apple Cup. The Fighting Leach's were impressive beating USC. And while they haven't exactly played any other powerful teams, the defense is Top 20 this year (so far)....This Week: at Oregon; Our Pick: Washington State 47, Oregon 33

10) Wisconsin 5-0: I'm sorry...but this group of Badgers does not impress me. But alas, the schedule is ridiculously soft and they are good enough to beat most everyone on it. Except they won't. For now they stay. This Week: at Nebraska; Our Pick: Wisconsin 27, Nebraska 23

11) Ohio State 4-1: Finally, the Buckeye's come back to the Dirty Dozen. For now. They have scored 110 points the past 2 weeks--but against UNLV and Rutgers. Tests are yet on the horizon and the Buckeye's do have a few questions. This Week: vs. Maryland; Our Pick: Ohio St. 31, Maryland 27

12) UCF 4-0: Surprise, The Golden Knights take the challenger's spot in our little poll. Despite the early season craziness of cancelled hurricane games, Scott Frost's team has been impressive. Hard to believe they had a winless season just a couple years ago. This Week: at Cincinnati; Our Pick: UCF 34, Cincinnati 21


What is that old saying? The more things change---the more they stay the same??

5) UMass 0-6: The Minutemen have shown some signs of life the past couple weeks, scaring the bejesus out of Tennessee and nearly upsetting Ohio. Unfortunately not a lot of winnable games left on the schedule. This Week: BYE

4) Baylor 0-5: No, I don't expect the Bears to stay here and they've shown a few signs of life. But we won't pass on any opportunity to rub in their misfortune because after what they pulled over the past decade--welp, it's Karma. This Week: BYE

3) Nevada 0-5: The Wolf Pack ain't scaring nobody this season. This is a bad team...but surprisingly with possibly at least one winnable game remaining. Maybe. That doesn't save them from our list. Being one of the nations worst defenses will lose a lot of games. This Week: vs. Hawaii; Our Pick: Hawaii 37, Nevada 21

2) Bowling Green 0-5: MAC Action! It's Fan....tastic. And also traditionally the home of at least one if not more Bottom of the Barrel teams...The woeful Falcons inhabit the early season slot due to a lack, well---everything. This Week: at Miami of Ohio; Our Pick: The Other Miami 24, Bowling Green 3

1) UTEP 0-5: We saved the best---uh, well actually the "Worst" for last. If you wanted to know who would be the 1st FCS coach to lose their job in 2017, look no further as Sean Kugler departs and Mike Price (yes, that Mike Price) steps in and tries to salvage this disaster. It's not easy with the single worst offense in the FCS and a Bottom 10 defense. Yikes! This Week: vs. Western Kentucky; Our Pick: WKU 47, UTEP 10

And so we bid you adieu for another week.....please tell your friends--as this is THE BEST and only POLL you should be reading.

In our opinion.......

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