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Univ. of Washington Coach Complains About Late Pac 12 Kickoffs--And He is Right

In College Football---whether they admit it or not, polls and placement on Television means everything. If you're seen and good, you'll be prime time players pretty much every week.

Unless you play in the Pac 12.

University of Washington Huskies Head Coach Chris Petersen went on record Monday about his thoughts on late, West Coast kickoffs and how much they hurt both his team...and his conference.

The Huskies have yet to start a game before 8pm Eastern Time. Most of their games---start around 10:30 or 10:45pm Eastern Time. And Petersen is right, voters and the attention to those games is lost by that time of the night.

Petersen--via The Associated Press apologized to his fans and fans of the conference, stating he'd like some 1pm (Pacific Time) kickoffs this season. The time would put the Huskies squarely in the East Coast viewing prime time and in all the Saturday highlight shows.

Honestly--we get why the Pac 12 has Washington and the other more popular/talented teams playing in the later time slots. They are playing to their local fans. But at the same time, it makes things much, much harder to get attention.

Another example---last weeks USC at Washington State game. A super exciting game featuring two of the nations best teams this year. The game kicked off at 10:30pm Eastern Time. Which means most right coast viewers either were asleep or doing other things by the time the game ended.

There's not an easy solution to this problem---and for some, it costs the dance to see guys like Jake Browning and Myles Gaskin of Washington, Luke Falk of Washington State and a slew of other mega-talented guys.

But then again it's all about TV and TV eyeballs in College Football this decade which means unless one of these teams finds a way to get more national attention or prime time TV slots---they will continue to toil...largely in obscurity...

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