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Cheap Shot by Bears Danny Trevathan sends Davante Adams to Hospital


This is the whole reason there are concerns about the medical risks of playing football. And it easily could have been avoided.

Late in Thursday nights Green Bay Packers win over the Chicago Bears, Bears LB Danny Trevathan committed one of the worst and most vicious penalties you may ever see.

Shortly after Packers WR Davante Adamscaught a pass from QB Aaron Rodgers over the middle, several Bears wrapped Adams up and were about to bring him down when Trevathan came flying over at full speed. He lowered his shoulder and pointed his helmet directly at a defenseless Adams's head.

The hit--so violent and so direct sent Adams mouthpiece flying and players from both teams immediately waiving the trainers/doctors on to the field. Both Green Bay and Chicago players began arguing about it amid a chorus of boos---though the only penalty was a 15-yard personal foul against the Bears LB.

He should have been tossed from the game---on the spot. And he should be suspended---immediately by the league as Adams had to be stretchered off the football field and taken straight to a local hospital.

Here's one view of the hit:

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