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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Return of the Space Cowboy

((Mike Leach/Wikipedia))

If you are a child of the 70's or a fan of Classic Rock--you likely are aware of a little song by The Steve Miller Band called The Joker.

In the song--there's a lyric that says: "Some people call me The Space Cowboy, call me the Gangster of Love, some people call me Maurice...."

He's also a renaissance man and author and deep thinker....

Friday night, Leach and his Cougars get their shot at the spotlight when they play USC.

But we'll get to that in a minute. We've got lots to talk about, lots of changes this week in our Mid-Week Poll of Polls....

Picks: Yeah, we did pretty damn good last week--despite double clutching the TCU/Okie State game. 13-3. Which by the way makes us 27-5 in two weeks straight up. (We don't pick spreads because we suck at all things gambling)

And that my friends is why you should pay attention. The OSG Never....never intentionally will steer you wrong when it comes to College Football.

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Enough of trying to pay the's the part you are waiting for: It's on With the Countdown......


1) Alabama 4-0: Don't ever, ever---EVER...poke the Saban. Why Vandy mouthed off about wanting the Crimson Tide we may never know--but we are very sure they immediately regretted it after losing 59-0.

Just remember kids:

This Week: vs. Ole Miss; Our Pick: Alabama 33, Ole Miss 21

2) Clemson 4-0: If 'Bama is a clear cut #1, thus far the Tigers are clearly #2. Thus far. Another tough test faces Dabo's Swinney's--a Saturday night road date in Blacksburg. But hey the #3 defense and #12 offense on paper--will make you a favorite. This Week: at Va. Tech; Our Pick: Clemson 31, Va.Tech 30

3) Penn State 4-0: I hate to admit it, but the Nittany Lions are for realz...the boys from Happy Valley are back and dangerous. Sure, they needed a buzzer beater to win at a tougher than we thought Iowa, but they pulled it off. Seasons are made by plays like that. This Week: vs. Indiana; Our Pick: Penn St. 37, Indiana 31

4) Oklahoma 4-0: I'm confused. Baylor is absolutely awful, yet racked up 41 points against the Sooners and nearly won. Is this the Oklahoma we all know and love from the Big 12? Or the team that beat Ohio State?? This Week: BYE

5) Michigan 4-0: Troubled times could be ahead for the Fighting Harbaugh's if Wilton Speight is out for an extended period. But they just need to score--a little to win. The defense is #1 in all the land right now which is absurd because they replaced half the team this offseason. This Week: BYE

6) Georgia 4-0: Are the Dogs for real or is this another Tease year? Last week they looked flat out dominant-but over the years they show flashes of this and then go out and lay an egg. We'll find out soon enough. This Week: at Tennessee; Our Pick: UGA 24, Tenn. 17

7) USC 4-0: Yes, the Trojans drop because well, they just aren't that pretty. They've struggled--at least a bit with everyone they've played. And now are ripe for the picking. This Week: at Washington St.; Our Pick: Wash St. 47, USC 43 UPSET ALERT!!!

8) TCU 4-0: The Horned Frogs "Leap" over several teams after thrashing slightly overrated Oklahoma State. Yup, Gary Patterson's boys can play some good football. The question is can they run the table because Oklahoma likely will. This Week: BYE

9) Washington 4-0: The Huskies. How many of you know they play football way out west. Pretty good football too. The defense is fantastic and Dante Pettis may be the best player you've never heard of. This Week: at Oregon St.; Our Pick: Washington 34, Oregon State 13

10) Wisconsin 3-0: The Badgers were in the Dozen last week and didn't play--so they don't have to leave. Yet. They will, they always do. But they also are one of CFB's best early season teams---ever. This Week: vs. Northwestern; Our Pick: Wisconsin 27, Northwestern 10

11) Virginia Tech 4-0: Don't look now kids--The Hokies are back. With Josh Jackson slinging it all over the park (11 TD's, 1 INT this season), they can score. And as long as Bud Foster stays--they'll be great on Defense. Don't sleep on this team. This Week: SEE #2

12) Washington State 4-0: Now you know why Mike Leach came up at the beginning of the column. Don't sleep on Luke Falk either. You've not heard of him for sure--but he's put up video game numbers the past 2 seasons including 11 TD's the past 2 weeks. This Week: See #7


Always remember with good there is bad. And these teams represent those who arguably should not be playing in the Football Bowl Subdivision. But they are. Much like professional wrestling---you could call these teams College Football's "Jobbers".....

5) Nevada 0-4:This Week: at Fresno State; Our Pick: Fresno St. 24, Nevada 12

4) UMass 0-5: The Minu-te Men actually almost climbed out of our poll after scaring the bejesus out of Tennessee before losing 17-13. But alas, as the only 0-5 team in the country right now, even a close loss won't let you escape. This Week: vs. Ohio; Our Pick: Ohio 21, UMass 17

3) UTEP 0-4: Oh, the poor, poor Minors. Yes, Minors (witty, ain't it?) The only time they haven't given up 50 points? Week #2 when woeful Rice beat them 31-17. That could very well be this seasons highlight....This Week: at Army; Our Pick: Army 50, UTEP 0

2) Bowling Green 0-4: Woof! This dog of a team gives up 500-plus total yards a game. On average. You won't win that way. Against anyone. 'Nuff said. This Week: vs. Akron; Our Pick: Arkon 500, Bowling Green 12

1) Charlotte 0-4: The Champ is here. Okay, this week's champ. They got shut out. At home, versus a pretty bad Georgia State team in a game that wasn't as close as the 28-0 score indicated. There is hope of a win on this schedule--but no, as bad a gambler as I am, I'd never bet on it. This Week: at FIU; Our Pick: FIU 13, Charlotte 0

Also receiving votes: Ga. Southern (yes, my alma mater), Baylor, Florida State and Tennessee

And so we conclude another week of College Football fun. Don't forget the Podcasts: On Monday's---It's the OSG Sports Report: Breaking down the weekends games. On Wednesday--We look at the week ahead...

Good night everybody......

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