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DEVELOPING: Jurich And Pitino Out At Louisville (UPDATED: Or, Maybe, Not Yet...)

When stuff like this happens, it's going to be a bad day at work...

The above meeting, apparently, lasted about ten minutes before an egress...

Dan Wetzel intimated this might be an anticipated result yesterday on "The Spartan Beat."


WDRB-TV in Louisville is reporting that the two have been placed on "administrative leave" pending the Board of Regents meeting scheduled for next month.

From the station...

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Pitino’s contract calls for written notice of the reasons for his termination and a chance for him to present evidence to the athletics board in his favor, as WDRB reported earlier Wednesday.

Under Jurich’s contract, he could be entitled to a 30-day window to “cure” a potential reason for his firing, depending on the reasons cited.


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