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Cubs Addison Russell Makes Nice With Cardinals fan over Nachos...


This was too fun not to share. Chicago Cubs SS Addison Russell likely has made a friend for life after an inadvertent destruction of a fan's Nachos during Monday nights Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals game in St. Louis.

The Cubs won the game 10-2 eliminating the Cardinals from winning the National League Central, but it was a pure hustle play by Russell and what happened later in the game that all will--or should be talking about.

Russell went chasing a foul ball in the 2nd inning and found himself quickly running up on the scary and very low left side fence protecting the stands. He dove into the crowd making an incredible catch...and as he tried to catch himself---ended up kicking a Cardinal fans Nachos out onto the field.

Russell came out of the crowd with an armful of gooey orange cheese and the ballboy and grounds crew had to sweep the chips off the field of play.

Yup, he's now #Nachoman........sigh.....

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