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College Basketball's Dirty Little Secret Snares 4 Coaches and Numerous Others

To those of us who've grown up involved with or closely followed the world of Basketball the charges dropped by New York's Attorney General along with the FBI and other's on Tuesday was not a surprise.

4 Large Division I Program Top Assistant Coaches, Sneaker/Sportswear Representatives and the Middle Men who deliver the top players to top programs all have been ensnared in what appears to be a 2-year long, multiple agency investigation.

If you are interested, this Press Release has the Indictments attached at the bottom, take a read by following the link RIGHT HERE

The Indictments while somewhat lengthy and in some cases not naming schools, clearly spells out the charges against these 4 coaches: Chuck Person of Auburn, Book Richardson at Arizona, Lamont Evans at Oklahoma State and Tony Bland at USC. They took money from sportswear manufacturers to give to middle men to insure certain players went to certain programs.

It also mentioned oft-troubled Louisville, who while not "Directly" involved---were the recipients of a brokered deal between the shoe company and a middle man who arranged for an "Elite" players family to receive nearly $100,000.

Oh, did we mention the Sportswear/Shoe Company was Adidas?? Specifically Jim Gatto their "Director of Global Sports Marketing".....

Adidas representatives also allegedly offered a "Blue Chip" recruit $150,000 to play at Miami. And yes, in case you are wondering--all most all of the schools mentioned wear Adidas products.

We should add--the schools are not facing charges. There is not direct evidence linking any of them to these charges. At this time. Though the stench can't be avoided.

In addition to all of this: There are agents and financial advisors involved too.....

Here's the full press conference from Tuesday afternoon: (Explainer to follow)

There was a time--not too long ago where High School Players played during the season, participated in a camp or two and if they stood out--got the attention of a College Recruiter.

That changed. A couple decades ago.

The rise of AAU Teams, Sneaker Sponsored Summer Leagues and Training Academy's built under the guise of being schools all drove the best talent to the same place.

And be it sneakers or short or sweat pants--whatever, the free gear became free money and free tickets to wherever the "Star" athlete wanted to play. And often times that "Star" athlete would be contacted by a "Representative", a street guy who had a deal with a "Sneaker Company" to acquire or claim players. They could then lean on players to go to "Their" schools.

I've known about this system for 20-years. As have far more important other people. But nobody every got caught doing it.

Sure there were the Chris Mills's of the world caught with packets of money--but there was never documentable evidence.

Until now.

If convicted and ruled guilty--this will end the career of all the coaches. It will damage the schools and tarnish Adidas. And it should. But it is only the "Tip" of the Iceberg. It happens far, far more often then documented here. No, Football does not work exactly the same way--though it is heading in this direction.

Do your homework and read up on this topic. There's a lot here. A lot of "hints, allegations and things left unsaid". To think otherwise is sticking your head in the proverbial sand. Think about it....

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