Goldy the Gopher Destroys Would be Kid Tackler During Mascot Game


It's all in good fun as long as you make the highlight reel, right??

Sunday afternoon in Minnesota, Goldy the Gopher, Mascot for the University of Minnesota took the field at halftime of Sunday's NFL game between the Vikings and Buccaneer's and made an absolute "Highlight Reel" play.

During the half time "Mascot" game---Goldy was part of team squaring off against local junior league team. Goldy's team had the ball and the Gopher took the pitch/toss to his right, made the corner and had one person to beat for the score....

Um...he beat the kid alright....yes, he did....

Another look...

No, the kid...nor Goldy got hurt on the play and no, we don't know what the final score was (does it matter)...instead we revel in all things internet and marvel and the flat out Truck Move on this play...

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© 2023 by "This Just In". Proudly created with