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Two Different College Football Players Died This Past Saturday

This past weekend was the deadliest weekend for College Football players in recent memory. Not one, but two players passed away after their games Saturday though in different parts of the country for different reasons.

Robert Grays, a cornerback for Midwestern State passed away from a neck injury suffered while making a tackle in a game vs. Texas A&M Kingsville Saturday night. Grays was only 19-years old....

Witnesses say Geib did not appear to suffer any sort of "On-Field" injury but reports say Gleib began cramping and hyperventilating shortly after the game in the locker room.

Wooster is a small college about half way between Cleveland and Columbus.

No, the coincidence here does not make a statement about the game---but it does provide a reminder of the dangers.

Not being able to see the Grays injury it is hard to tell exactly what happened. There's a reason to learn proper tackling technique--not leading with your head etc. But we may never actually know if that was the cause of the young mans injury/death.

As for Geib, it appears an unfortunate side effect of participating in a strenuous activity. We at OSG Sports feel for both family's, friends and the schools.

Just remember football can be fun---but it is also a very demanding sport. This should serve as a reminder of that....

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