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DEVELOPING: Aaron Hernandez Had CTE

The lawyers representing former New England patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez held a press conference in Boston Thursday afternoon where it was disclosed that he suffered from Stage 3 CTE.

Hernandez's lead lawyer, Jose Baez, released the information after the Boston University CTE Center examined Hernandez's brain after autopsy.

He was serving a life sentence for murder when he committed suicide in April.

From the Ken Belson New York Times piece:

Hernandez’s brain was examined by Dr. Ann McKee, chief of neuropathology at the VA Boston Healthcare System and director of the CTE Center at Boston University. She developed categories to describe the severity of the disease. Those with Stage 3 of C.T.E., typically had cognitive impairment and trouble with executive functions like planning and organizing. Those with Stage 4, the most severe version of the disease, had dementia, difficulty finding words and aggression.

Dr. McKee said in a statement that Hernandez had Stage 3.

Lawyers for Hernandez's daughter, Avielle, are now suing the Patriots and the NFL "for the loss of her parent." Here's Baez at his afternoon presser alongside Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez

((HT: TMZ Sports))

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