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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Katy Perry's Revenge

(Ms. Perry/Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Welcome back to everybody's favorite column on what can only be described as a "Stretch of Bizarreness"....

We say that because in what world did you think (a) Multiple Games would be postponed or cancelled due to a hurricane (b) Florida would score on a 63-yard TD pass at the buzzer to win or (c) Oklahoma now blaming Katy Perry for a crappy finish to their 2014 season....??

In case you are wondering "What in the Blue Blazes" is he talking about, read this column from Tuesday morning RIGHT HERE

Or this mention by current Sooners QB Baker Mayfield---which prompted our column....

Oh....yeah...aside from that, really we didn't have too much change from Week #1's list--though LSU disappointed in getting slaughtered by Miss. State and Louisville had no chance vs. Clemson.

Last Week: Hey, lookie here. If you're new to this column, I told you I'm pretty good---14-2 last week (no, we don't pick the spread but we were damn close on more than a couple scores)

But enough about me...

Time to cut through the chaos, make sense where there's none and hope like hell we have a semi-normal week.

And with that we quote the late...and great Casey Kasem---"Let's get on With the Countdown"....


1) Alabama 3-0. Nobody beats the Wiz. Or is that Saban? The Tide were not without flaw in their win last Saturday...but really. Who's better?? And at the end of the day.....

Our Pick: Bama 37, Vandy 10

2) Oklahoma 3-0: The Curse of Katy Perry non-withstanding...the Sooners so far are good. Damn good. For some reason they dropped in the "Other" polls despite flattening Tulane. Not ours. This Week: YIKES! at Baylor....Our Pick: Sooners 57, Baylor 3

3) Clemson 3-0: The Tigers laid the Smack Down on Mr. Heisman, Lamar Jackson and his Louisville Cardinals. Kelly Bryant has more than held his own in Deshaun Watson's shoes and the defense is flat out impressive. Could they repeat? Maybe....This Week: vs. Boston College; Our Pick: Clemson 41, BC 10

4) Penn St. 3-0: The Nittany Lions have looked very good so far. Don't sweat the 56-0 over Ga. State, that shouldn't count. Three cupcakes in...they are about to be tested. This Week: at Iowa; Our Pick: Penn St. 31, Iowa 23

5) Michigan 3-0: The Fighting Harbaugh's dropped in most every poll after struggling with a good Air Force team. But we're not every poll. If you can play defense in this era, you've got a chance and the Harbaugh's most certainly can. This Week: at Purdue; Our Pick: Michigan 24, Purdue 14

6) USC 3-0: Not sure yet which Trojan team we're going to see week-to-week. The one that smoked Stanford or the one who barely beat W.Michigan. Last weeks squeaker with Texas didn't help. This Week: at Cal; Our Pick: USC 37, Cal 21

7) Oklahoma St. 3-0: No, I'm not yet on the Mason Rudolph/Cowboy bandwagon...yet. Yet. Sure, they've looked amazing beating Tulsa, S.Alabama and a crappy Pitt team and put video game numbers up, but their achilles heel has always been defense. Need proof that's changed. This Week: vs. TCU; Our Pick: Okie State 47, TCU 41

8) Washington 3-0: Um, not feeling totally confident here...but. I do like Jake Browning and the Huskies have played good defense thus far. Which in the Pac 12 is big. No, I don't expect them to stay ranked this high. This Week: at Colorado; Our Pick: Washington 31, Colorado 21

9) Mississippi State 3-0: Is this our other "Good" team in the SEC?? Sure starting to look like it. The Bulldogs manhandled an LSU team most thought would be pretty good and Nick Fitzgerald is absolutely legit at QB. They could be a handful for most this season. This Week: at Georgia; Our Pick: Bulldogs 23, Bulldogs 21 (UGA over Miss St.)

10) Wisconsin 3-0: Is it ok for me to say I "Hate" a team despite ranking them?? I really hate this team. Every year they tease early and all think they are this "Powerhouse team". And then they collapse. We aren't ready to predict that...yet. This Week: vs. Northwestern; Our Pick: Wisconsin 23, Northwestern 13

11) Georgia 3-0: These Bulldogs have some questions--but they can play defense, that counts for something. And the defense is fast. Really, really fast. This week is the 1st test for true Freshman Jake Fromm--they're gonna have to score to win this time. This Week: See #9

12) Washington St. 3-0: Okay, we confess. Mike Leach retweeted us a couple weeks ago. We're a fan. Luke Falk may be the best QB you haven't heard of. Injured and benched 2 weeks ago, Falk came back with a vengeance, throwing for 6 TD's last week vs Oregon St. This Week: vs. Nevada; Our Pick: Washington St. 52, Nevada 10


So, with little fanfare we give you are not-so-fine 5:

5) East Carolina 0-3: This was a decent little team not too long ago. But when you have the 129th best (out of 130) defense in all the land---You make the list. The Pirates have given up 120 points the past two weeks. This Week: at UConn; Our Pick: UConn 120, East Carolina 3

4) UTEP 0-3: Honestly--you could make the argument the Miners are the worst team in all the land. Just looking at the stats--they're 129th on Offense and 126th Nationally in defense and well, how to you Trump that?? This Week: vs. New Mexico St.; Our Pick: N.Mexico St. 126, UTEP 3

3) Charlotte 0-3: Lots of things could be finer than being a 49er. Losing to Eastern Michigan and Kansas St. is bad. Getting thumped by FCS North Carolina A& worse. Much, much worse. Still, something has to give...we just don't know what. Oh, wait. This Week: vs. Ga. State; Our Pick: Georgia St. 35, Charlotte 21 UPSET!!

2) Massachusetts 0-4: Okay, yes, the Minutemen are a legacy pick. And the only 0-4 team on the list. Are they better than the teams ahead of them? Yeah, maybe. The three above are pretty darn bad. However its very possible they won't win another game this year. This Week: at Tennessee; Our Pick: UT 40, UMass 10

1) Georgia State 0-4: We kind of committed to this and are having some regrets. The Panthers aren't very good...but they aren't as bad as some others. Or are they? We're not sure. Maybe they'll win a game...or two. This Week: See #3

So there's our list. If you made it this far, let us know what you think...we'd like to hear your opinion. And don't forget the Podcasts...

You can find us on I-Tunes at "The OSG Sports Report"....

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