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NFL Problems: Dolphin Fans Outnumber Charger Fans in L.A

(Screengrab Courthesy: @MiamiDolphins)

The NFL has a multitude of problems---including what to do in L.A.

So eager to get teams in the nation's 2nd largest TV market--the league seems to have ignored or not concerned themselves with the thought that the people of Los Angeles may not be interested.

Nowhere was that more evident then the Chargers vs. Dolphins game---played in a smallish Soccer stadium (seating 27,000) that was not close to being sold out for the Chargers "Home Opener".

This is what it looked like at opening kickoff:

In fact--according to both teams and all interested observers---a good chunk of those in attendance were there to see Miami.

Oh, one thing that may have kept some fans away from the "Stub Hub Center"....$100 parking. Yes, that's right $100 to park near the stadium.....

You need to listen to the audio here: Yes, for some reason the "Celebratory Cannon" was fired. And yes, you are hearing a TON of cheering for the miss.....what fans were there---appear to have been happy the Dolphins won....

But just a reminder---the game was played in Los Angeles.....

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