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ICYMI: Austin Peay Fans Go Nuts After Snapping 29 Game Losing Streak

(Screegrab Courtesy: @AustinPeayFB)

For all the talk we have on THE OSG Sports Report about the worst team in College Football--we missed a losing streak for the ages.

Austin Peay--a tiny school in Clarkesville, Tennessee achieved a 29-game losing streak. Mind you, Peay plays in the FCS (Football Championship Series) not FBS--so it was a little easier to miss.

That being said--The Governors are losers no more!!

The Streak ended with a resounding crash Saturday night as Peay demolished Morehead State 69-13 at home.

And to the winner---goes the celebration. Watch as thousands of crazed Governors fans storm the field and take down the goal post to celebrate the monumental victory....

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