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Auburn Parts Way With Former Starting QB Sean White

(Gus Malzahn/Twitter Screen Grab)

Um, yes, the Auburn Tigers are 2-1 this week after beating mid-level FCS Mercer 24-10. Their only loss: To a Top 3 Clemson team 14-6.

The offense--under noted Offensive Coach Gus Malzahn---middling at best. Now comes word backup QB and last years starter Sean White will no longer be an option.

White was abruptly dismissed from the team after starting the season suspended and topped it by getting pulled over and arrested for DUI after the Mercer win.

Malzahn apparently stewed on it during the day Sunday and decided Monday it was best to part ways....

Coach released a statement saying: "Sean White is no longer a part of our football program at Auburn," said Gus Malzahn in a statement. "He has made poor decisions that are not in the best interest of our program, and more importantly, himself. We appreciate his time at Auburn and wish him nothing but the best."

White was pulled over Saturday night after the win and was jailed on a $500 bond. He had started 16 games over the past couple of seasons but lost the starting job to incoming transfer Jarrett Stidham. And while Stidham hasn't exactly lit things up in his first three games....He is also the only QB on the roster now with any game experience.

The only other QB's on the roster: Junior Devin Adams and Freshman Malik Willis....

Is that smoke we see coming from Gus's office??

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